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Trip and T'Pol talk shop. As T'Pol moves off, Trip says he's trying to figure out what to show that night at movie night. "Movie night?" T'Pol repeats. "Yeah, I though I'd fire up the old tradition -- you in the mood for a horror film or a musical?" Are those the only choices? T'Pol begs off, saying that she doesn't have the time to watch The Dracula of Oz or Guys and Werewolves. "You kin't spend ev'rey second uv yer lyfe studyin' that -- whatever it's called," Trip comments. Way to trash her religion, Trip. Has Quantum been giving you lessons? They argue a bit over T'Pol's new priorities and the fact that her wimple is going to be custom-tailored in puce velour. As Trip shows absolutely no sign of Getting It, T'Pol says she's needed on the Bridge, and leaves.

In a sh'bay, Quantum and Emery scan around. T'Pol comms with a really, really informational message. Here's the really, really informational message: "I picked up something that was in your area but I lost it." I think this episode's as bored with itself as I am and is actually trying to commit suicide. "He's here!" Emery crows delightedly. So, Mr. Humpyback Transporter Man -- are you going to invent the transporter toilet? You know, the one that beams the poo right out of you? Glark wants to know. The Face-Melting Anomaly appears and Emery calls out hopefully, "Quinn? Quinn?" The Face-Melting Anomaly responds by blowing stuff up. Quantum dives to protect Emery and knocks him out of his wheelchair. How cool would it have been if the Face-Melting Anomaly killed Emery in a horrible, painful, flesh-dripping way? That would be so "Monkey's Paw." But it didn't happen. Because this episode has no soul.

Corridor. Trip again argues with Quantum about what they're doing, and because Quantum wants to lock anyone up in the brig when they don't agree with him, he shouts, "You are this close to insubordination!" Trip goggles. Quantum keeps yelling, "I made a decision! It's the right decision! Can you accept that?" Trip backs down and nods tightly. Quantum points down the hallway: "Now, go do your job!" "Yessir," Trip breathes. And then, get this, Quantum takes off down the hall he was just ordering Trip down while Trip stays put. Okay. Odd decision.

Quantum visits Emery. Emery apologizes for making this whole thing Quantum's problem. Emery's scared he won't be able to get his son back. Quantum relates some story about his father telling him not to fail that's too dull to even re-relate, and leaves.

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