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Everyone on the Bridge is "tense" as they wait "anxiously" for Quinn's Face-Melting manifestation to appear. It appears. Trip locks onto it with a confinement beam. Emery gets out of his chair to energize it. Quinn sort of starts to appear and everyone gets emotional. Everyone except those watching the show. They start to lose the pattern. Phlox steps forward and takes some scans. He's not going to have good news. Trip and Emery scramble to readjust things. "I'm reading massive cellular deterioration," Phlox reports. Emery insists that's not possible. "He's losing cohesion. If he materializes, he'll die within seconds," Phlox confirms. More scrambling. Phlox says he's losing Quinn's vital signs. Quantum thinks NOW'S the time to step over, touch Mr. Humpybacked Transporter Man on the shoulder, and say, "Emery." "Get away from me," Emery says, which cheers me up a little. More scrambling. Everyone, including Dani, urges Emery to let Quinn go. Emery whines that he can't. Quantum tries again, and shakes the brittle old man a bit harder: "Emery -- you can't save him." And because he's Captain Do Everything Wonderful and Right Even When Being The Biggest Asshole That Ever Stepped Onto A Starship, Emery finally gives in. "I'm sorry, Quinn," he breathes, and does something. Quinn reappears fully on the transporter pad -- did I mention that's where they were all this time? -- and collapses. I REALLY wanted him to appear as "what we got back didn't live long. Fortunately." But no. Because this episode sucks. Emery holds his dying son in his arms and begs him to forgive him. Quinn's all, "Dad? What's going on?" He doesn't forgive him, and then he dies. Wait, take me with you!

In his quarters, Emery tells Quantum that he couldn't let his son hang between life and death, he had to end it. Huh, I just noticed that my anvil prescription is signed by Dr. Kevorkian. Emery has accepted the fact that he has to go to prison, which is really quite big of him considering he killed a redstripe. "Maybe they'll put me somewhere where I'll be useful -- get a chance to teach," Emery muses. I doubt it -- they're just going to put you to work making license plates for the next Enterprise. No, it'll be easy, really -- all you have to do is lean back on them. Quantum and Emery discuss letting Dani come aboard Enterprise. I don't really see where the "letting" comes into effect -- he'll be off in prison stamping license plates with his metal spine. I'd say his daughter can pretty much do what she wants. Unless she goes to prison for being an accessory. Funny how they don't address that. Well, not so much "funny" as "sloppy" and, of course, "boring."

In Sickbay, Phlox scans T'Pol and concludes that she no longer has Pa'nar Syndrome. T'Pol finds this difficult to accept. "You were diagnosed with an incurable disease, now it's gone -- it's a big adjustment. From what I've been reading, similar diagnoses are taking place all over Vulcan. People are coming forward -- it's no longer a stigma," Phlox concludes. "The Kir'Shara is having an enormous impact," T'Pol observes. Phlox notes that the Kir'Shara has had an impact on her because he thinks she's been more sure of herself. T'Pol CRACK WHORES that she's never felt less sure of herself. Phlox puts a hand on her arm and says, "You're reexamining your core beliefs -- something most people never do." Unless they're on a Star Trek series. T'Pol leaves.

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