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Jane's Addiction

T'Pol's quarters look remarkably cleaned up now. Phlox sits while T'Pol paces, clutching a teacup. She doesn't know why she asked him to come see her. Phlox thinks she needed some company. T'Pol's surprised that, even without the Trellium, she's still having trouble suppressing her emotions. "It's not surprising that there are some residual effects -- they're probably temporary," Phlox says. And with that "probably," the writers have now given us a Vulcan who will have emotional outbursts forever. "And if they're not?" T'Pol wonders. "Then you'll learn to cope with them," Phlox says. "I'm not certain I can," T'Pol says. I'm certain I CAN'T! "I'm --" T'Pol starts. "Afraid?" Phlox asks. "Vulcans don't experience fear," T'Pol mutters. They do when they're CRACK WHORES. Phlox begs her to have patience.

Engineering. "A few tweaks and it fit right in," Trip says. How convenient that all warp coils are like Legos. At this point, they can only go warp three-point-two, but it will get them to Degra in time. Quantum steps down the ladder heavily. "Yew did the righ' thang," Trip tells him. "Seems the longer we're out here, the more I have to keep saying that to myself," Quantum bitches. "Those pee-pol will be okay -- they'll git home," Trip says. Quantum looks unconvinced, and comm-orders Reed to take them to maximum warp.

Next week: The illustrious Sara M recaps, so I can hang with my family. Be nice or pay the price. Thank you, Sara M, and my deepest apologies for exposing you to this. Come on up to SF and I'll cook for you express my gratitude. Gratitude, joy and gratitude.

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