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Jane's Addiction

Bridge. Reed reports that they've regained emergency power, and says they'll have phase cannons "in about an hour." Just like Lenscrafters. T'Pol orders him to do stuff. A signal comes in that an unarmed, one-man vessel is approaching. Reed reads one bio-sign. "Oh, just shoot it," the Evil Dr. Mathra suggests. T'Pol orders it brought in. Hoshi, her hair mussed and down, looks concerned.

Sh'bay. A security team trains guns on the pod as Reed and T'Pol crack it open. It's Quantum. Big surprise there.

Sickbay. Chaos. Wounded. Hawkeye cracks jokes and then cries. Wait, wrong show. Still, chaos and wounded, though. Phlox examines a now-conscious Quantum. Ignoring Phlox's diagnosis of his multiple bruises, Quantum growls, "How many have we lost?" Phlox hands over his e-pad: "Fourteen. Three are unaccounted for." Quantum orders him not to waste time on him. How passive-aggressive: "Don't waste time on meeee, I'll just sit over here in the corner and quietly bleed all over the place." Phlox nods, says it's good to see him again, and walks away. T'Pol holds out the damage report and says they'll have impulse in six hours. Quantum walks over to stare at three body bags on the floor. Dude, I didn't see that the first two times I watched. Nice gravitas. T'Pol continues with her report. Quantum wants his transport pod analyzed. They agree it's aquatic-made. Yup, you can tell that from the watermark on the hull. Sorry. T'Pol wonders why they released him. Quantum doesn't know, but thinks he got through to Degra. Quantum grabs at his ribs (I guess?) in pain, so T'Pol hands him a towel. I don't really know why he would need that on his ribs. It's really only to show Quantum the Vulcan's shaky hands. Quantum grasps her hand and asks if she's okay. "I'm fine," she trembles, and goes to help Reed.

In the half-lit corridors of destruction, T'Pol seems to be buggin'. Everything she sees is as though she's looking through an apartment peephole. Ditto for how we see her. I love how that sort of filming is supposed to get "freaking the hell out" or "drug-induced something-or-other" across. It even worked in Jumpin' Jack Flash when Whoopi busted into Elizabeth Arden. However, that happens to be one of my favorite movie scenes. The voices are all slowed down like when your Walkman starts running out of batteries. Remember Walkmans? Or would that be Walk-men? Regardless, with iPods, you have no warning you're running low on juice unless you put on quadfocals and squint through one eye at the eensy-weensy battery graphic. T'Pol stumbles into her room, falls into her bathroom, and shakily splashes water on her face. I'm really pissed they didn't make this about her Pa'nar Syndrome.

Enterprise gimps through the sky.

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