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May-Still-Alive and Hoshi update Quantum on data from the aquapod. Hoshi found a hidden document from an engineer asking his supervisors for additional parts. She hands the translation over to Quantum. Quantum reads it and realizes that the names of the "supervisors" are the same as Degra's kids.

Stella Cartography. T'Pol has uncovered coordinates embedded in Degra's secret document, and she puts them up on the monitor. She also found a stardate for three days hence. The coordinates are four light years away, and without warp, they won't make it in time. Added to that is Degra's impatience -- according to Quantum, he won't wait beyond the three days. Hold on -- after all that fighting with the Snake Eyes ships, don't you think Degra would know that the Snake Eyes took out Enterprise's warp engine? Degra may be coming around to their side of the story, but I'm not convinced that's a good thing, given how dumb he's appearing.

Quantum sits in the dark of his Ready Room. I know they're in the middle of lots of issues, but who would it hurt to take a broom to that floor? It's dangerous for, oh, I don't know, a quadruped who doesn't wear shoes, has soft paw pads, and might cut his feet on all that crap? There's a knock. Quantum doesn't say anything. Phlox manually opens the door with Porthos in his arms. Man, I know I'm quite relieved that the pup survived, but Quantum doesn't even react. Ass. Phlox reports more discharges from Sickbay. It's hard to tell in the gloom, but I think Quantum is holding Porthos now. Okay, I rewound -- he's not holding him, he's holding a piece of bulkhead. Ass. Quantum moroses, "It's hard to imagine that we'll ever get this ship back to the way it was." Phlox says brightly that it's a simple matter of repairs, but when Quantum glowers at him, Phlox amends, "Well, perhaps not that simple." Phlox divines that it's not the broken ship that's really troubling his captain. Quantum throws the piece of bulkhead aside. Definitely not Porthos -- Porthos doesn't get even that much attention from him. Ass. In a slowly drawn-out wondering, Quantum wants to know if Phlox did anything unethical in his forty years of doctoring. Well, yes, when YOU MADE HIM! ASS. "Why?" Phlox asks. "I'm about to step over a line. A line I thought I'd never cross," Quantum says. You're going to extract the giant redwood from your ass? You're going to flat-iron your forehead? You're going to acknowledge that you have a puppy dog who loves you and is sorely in need of affection? Quantum goes on that it probably won't be the last time he steps over that line. Oh, my hopes, they are rising. Phlox asks what he's planning on doing, but instead of answering, Quantum just tells him there are going to be more casualties. Phlox says he'll be ready. Quantum manages to find and stare out of his WOTWW.

In Engineering, Quantum orders Reed to put together an armed boarding party, because they are going to ambush the Stingy Ship they docked with. Reed doesn't get it. Quantum whirls on Reed, saying, "We need their warp coil. They won't give it to us, so we're going to TAKE it!" Reed stands there, wondering if his entire lip gloss supply was destroyed in the firefight. Quantum starts to leave. "Captain --" Reed starts. "Get your men together!" Quantum barks.

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