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Doctor's Day

Scrunch questions Phlox on why the Menk situation doesn't bother Phlox. "Why should it?" Phlox shrugs. "On most worlds with two humanoid species, one would have driven the other to extinction. Here, they've developed a symbiotic relationship that seems to work quite well." Scrunch argues, "They force the Menk to live in compounds, they treat them almost like pets." Phlox explains that they have a different culture, "it's their way." Scrunch humphs, "That doesn't make it right." Apropos of nothing, Phlox asks Scrunch if she's married. "Of course not, I would have told you," she laughs. Phlox tells her that he's married himself and has three current wives, each of whom have two husbands other than him. And they told two people, and so on and so on and so on. Remember that commercial? So mathematically speaking, that means the whole Denobulan race could be married to each other? That would be one highly nonplanar bipartite graph. Scrunch asks if that's usual for Denobulans. "Quite," Phlox responds, and Scrunch asks why he's telling her this. Phlox tells her he's "been getting certain signals" from her that make him think she's looking for a little romance, given half a chance. The lady in red, is dancing with me, cheek to cheek. And it's awkward, oh, it's awkward, as Scrunch says, "Oh," to Phlox. Phlox says, "Unless I misinterpreted those signals." "You didn't," Scrunch says, squinching her eyes even more, if that's possible, "but I still don't know why you're telling me this." Phlox tells her she needs to understand the differences between their cultures, but Scrunch tells him it "doesn't matter." Phlox is surprised by this: "This culture's different, that seems to matter to you a great deal." Scrunch tells him she has no interest in "becoming wife number four" because she just wants to be his friend. Yeah, his naked friend. Phlox asks her how she defines "friend." "Let's just see where it goes," Scrunch suggests, then smiles and walks away.

Quantum visits Bumpy's oxygen tank in the ward. Bumpy takes off his green iMac mask and tells him he's glad he could come. "It was no problem," Quantum says. "How are you feeling?" Bumpy says the medication Phlox produced helps with the pain, but he still has a huge helping of prognosis negative -- much like Bette Davis did in Dark Victory. Quantum says he has a lot of faith that their Denobulan doctor will find a cure. Bumpy launches into his real reason for summoning Quantum to his deathbed. He thanks the captain of the Good Ship Lollipop for getting him home before it was "too late. It took us a year to get where we were and you got us home in a day," Bumpy says. Quantum says humans "started out" in ships very much like theirs, and "someday [the Valakians] will be traveling in ships." Well, guess what? Bumpy doesn't want to wait for "someday" -- he wants that technology here, and he wants it now. "If your doctor can't help us, we need to keep searching for others that can," Bumpy says. "We need warp drive. A million more of us will die before our next ship leaves this system. With warp engines we won't have to wait for people to find us. We can seek help on our own." Quantum tells him that they might run into lots of big meanies out in space. Bumpy says they must do it or die trying. Quantum is commed by the doctor, who informs him they have all their samples. Quantum comms back that he'll meet them at the shuttle pod. He pats Bumpy on the shoulder and leaves without another word.

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