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Starfleet HQ. Mayor Tam argues with the Coridan Ambassador about trade sanctions with the Tellarites. Wait, did I just say "Coridan"?! OMG, that is SOOO COOL that they did that TOS shout-out. I mean, I know they already did it excessively in the first season but STILL! They are just SO great with subtly putting in all these teeny TINY references! It NEVER gets old! Quantum interrupts Mayor Tam and nicely asks him for all his information on the Baby Tri'pol investigation. Mayor Tam is reluctant until Quantum brings up the fact that Mayor Tam was once a member of Terryan Nation just like Staggering Haggard. Mayor Tam says he was very young when he joined the Fucking Illinois Nazis. "You were eighteen," Quantum sweetly points out. "Didn't you make any questionable choices when you were that age, Captain?" Mayor Tam wonders. Clearly, he hasn't known our beloved captain for very long because Quantum is PERFECT! He always makes exactly the right decisions and NEVER needs to apologize for anything! NEVAH! Mayor Tam finally caves, saying, "I underestimated you. I suppose I'm not the first person to make that mistake. You'll have the case file within the hour." Quantum smiles a smile that is NOTHING like a smirk at all, and walks away. Mmm, big glass of QUANTUM LOVE! It is LOVE to CELEBRATE with every SIP!

May-Orgasm-Is-Imminent lets Brenda Starrship into his quarters. Brenda Starrship is there to do a story on Enterprise, and snarks on the size of May-Orgasm-Is-Imminent's room. Whatev -- it's bigger than my freshman dorm room, so I wouldn't be complaining. Plus, I think May-Orgasm-Is-Imminent's room has grown up over the years -- it was once such a tiny thing. Brenda Starrship flirts, he rebuffs, and we find out that they were once An Item. They broke up because she didn't support his career and it sounds like she was a bit of a bitch about it as well. She flirts her way into getting a tour of more than May-Orgasm-Is-Imminent's penis.

Sickbay. Trip is having worries about Baby Tri'pol. Phlox assures Trip that the baby is probably healthy and that Phlox firmly believes T'Pol did not get pregnant, carry the baby, and then beam the fertilized egg to parts unknown while they were off on one of their seriously dangerous missions when transporters didn't even work consistently. Phlox promises they will get to the bottom of it. I wonder why none of these people are realizing that ANY-one could have scraped their DNA together and test-tubed up a baby. I think it's because they have a lot on their minds and can't be expected to remember every tiny detail about their missions. Especially not the ones that involved any other wacky DNA hijinks. Man, it's clear these poor people are so overworked -- I hope they get a loooong break soon. They REALLY deserve it.

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