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RoboCreep listens to Col. Green give a historic speech. Minion enters. They both admire Col. Green for all the ethnic cleansing he tried to effect with the genocidal wars he led. That makes these guys really good. RoboCreep thinks Col. Green is historically misunderstood: "Green euthanized hundreds of thousands who were afflicted with radiation damage. Their millions of descendents would have been endured horrible disease, yet history -- history never says anything about that suffering that Green prevented!" Aw, poor Col. Green. RoboCreep wonders if he himself will be remembered with any more accuracy. Wait, who are you again? Minion grins, "I don't think you'll be misunderstood." RoboCreep doubts his achievements; Minion fluffs him. I'd go into more detail but I was SO entranced by the whole thing that I completely forgot what actually happened. Minion reports that "the patient" is all better. RoboCreep is pleased by this, and when Minion leaves, he hyposprays himself with something. Mmmn, baby blood is tasty!

May-Can-I-Come-Yet? continues with Brenda Starrship's tour. They seem to be getting on better now as he tells tales about past mission. In the launchbay, they examine the sh'pods and get busy in the backseat of Shuttlepod 1. Brenda Starrship pointedly drops her headset camera recorder thing onto the floor as they tongue each other. SQUEEEEEEEEXXXX!!

As the Awesome Team goes over details of Staggering Haggard's death, Phlox announces that she had elevated levels of "myofibrilin," which is something TOALLY not made up; it's given to workers who have to work in zero-g for long periods of time where artificial gravity isn't practical. "Like mining colonies," Quantum puts in. "The nearest one is Orpheus. On the moon," T'Pol adds. Hm, I don't get it. The moon has gravity. Low gravity, but not zero gravity. So, why would she…? "Well, maybe Phlox meant 'low-g for long periods of time,'" Dr. Mathra (happily) wanks. Oh right, of COURSE! Wait...RoboCreep and his Minion and Doctor are walking around all normal...that's not low-g, that's more like regular gravity. So that means they're using artificial gravity, right? "Sure. No, wait, but Phlox just said that this doohicky substance was taken when artificial gravity ISN'T PRACTICAL!" Dr. Mathra screams (happily). Oh, well, I'm not going to worry. I'm SURE they will explain it all by the end! This episode ROCKS! Dr. Mathra goes on, "I'm perfectly fine with the science of this episode. One-sixth g is almost exactly the same as one g. There's clearly no artificial gravity needed on the moon because CLEARLY Armstrong was just walking that way because he was a bit of a ponce. Can I have a glass of QUANTUM LOVE? No wait, can I have the ENTIRE BOTTLE? I just LOVE him and I LOVE this show! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!" Dr. Mathra's brain just exploded from happiness. After stating that it's a hotbed of Terryan Nation activity, Reed thinks they can sneak into Orpheus Colony. "Undercover," he underlines, waggling his eyebrows and flashing his fake mustache. Best. Spy. Ever! Trip and T'Pol want to play Secret Fakegent Man as well. Quantum lets them. Because he's AWESOME!

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