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Miners mine and find a body. I think it's Doctor. Wonder what he did to piss off Dr. Evil RoboCreep.

Orpheus. Trip and T'Pol sneak around. They don't find much. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I especially LOVE the part where they are lost and Trip doesn't enforce a stereotype at all when he refuses to ask for directions! ROTFLMAO!!!! They argue, but it's in a CUTE way! They argue more about how T'Pol knows about the child and how she knows what Trip is feeling much of the time. Trip announces that he's sick of their Psysick Bond but I think he's just kidding around. I LOVE when they are mean to each other because everyone knows that every healthy relationship is built on a SOUND foundation of throwing stuff and constant verbal abuse! Trip and T'Pol finally find the door into Quadrant Three.

In his quarters, May-LAID and Brenda Starrship talk about the fact that they just had sex. Brenda Starrship is still wearing a lacy bra from Blue Ticktoria's Secret, so it couldn't have been that hot. I mean -- so it must've been REALLY hot because keeping body parts covered during sex is SUCH a turn on! Brenda Starrship thinks that May-LAID's mind and penis are no longer concentrating on her. May-LAID is worried about his friends. Brenda Starrship tries to pry information out of him. May-LAID changes the subject. They talk about possibly getting back together, which would be SO COOL because they are PERFECT for each other. They kiss a bit more. She'd be really good for him!

Bridge. Hoshi plays with UTs that seem to be on the blink.

Orpheus. Trip gets recruited by Minion 2 into Terryan Nation. I LOVE THIS EPISODE! I'M SO ENTHRALLED! I NEVER WANT IT TO END! T'Pol meets up with Trip and says she found out that Doctor is dead from a purported cave-in. She doesn't believe it, since she also found out that Doctor and Staggering Haggard worked together IN THE SAME LAB!

Terryan Nation meeting. Minion 2 talks about how they have to stamp out the aliens or risk having another forty million killed. You know, the way the Xindi killed forty million. And one of those forty million was Trip's sister. And Trip's now at this meeting where they are being all anti-alien. An Anvil of Happiness just landed on my gut but it feels SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!

T'Pol sneaks around the caves. She's shot by Minion.

At Terryan Nation, Minion 2 rants on and then suddenly announces that Commander Tucker of the Starship Enterprise is there to help them "send a message to the people in power." Oops -- I guess his cover is blown! I wonder how he will get out of this one! Could be really tricky! He might even die!

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