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May-LAID and Brenda Starrship finish getting dressed. Quantum and Reed arrive at the door and announce that Brenda Starrship, Girl Reporter is actually Brenda Starrship, Racist Girl Spy and a member of Terryan Nation.

Orpheus. Trip gets upset when he sees that T'Pol has been roughed up. Dr. Evil RoboCreep makes some FRESH references to Romeo and Juliet that are too INVENTIVE to immediately recall to memory. Dr. Evil RoboCreep gives his racist backstory that we already know, but is WAY too interesting for me to repeat to you, and also adds that their baby is fine but they can't see her. Dr. Evil RoboCreep goes off on Starfleet and their mission to invite all sorts of unknown species back to Earth for tea and cookies and says it's all going to end with him. He's giving Earth back to Earthlings. Did I already report on that? My mind is so muddled by the THRILL of this episode, I can't remember.

Dr. Evil RoboCreep takes everyone into a control room and orders Minion to launch them. The mining colony -- which oddly resembles a Big Boy -- lifts off from the moon.

Enterprise. Quantum and Hoshi accuse Brenda Starrship of reconfiguring her UT to record all transmissions from the other UTs so she could snoop on the alien delegates. "I don't know what you are talking about," Brenda Starrship insists, just so Reed can get off the BEST line of the episode: "You sure knew what everyone else was talking about!" Wasn't that AWESOME? May-LAID tries to defend her. Quantum ignores him. As usual. I LOVE QUANTUM! After insisting a bit more that she doesn't know anything, Brenda Starrship clams up and says she wants to speak to counsel. "Take her to the Brig -- get her whoever she wants," Quantum growls all manly and captainly. Brenda Starrship gives May-Never-Get-Laid-Again a wistful look before Reed yanks her out of the room. Quantum whispers an apology to May-Monk before fielding a call from the Bridge, reporting that something is taking off from the mining facility. "Can you identify it?" Quantum asks. "Sir, sensors indicate it is the mining facility," the Bridge says. Heh.

Dr. Evil RoboCreep ignores hails from Starfleet and Enterprise as he jets his Moonraker away from the moon and lands on Mars. Mars is red. Mars is pretty. Mars is dusty.

Enterprise. Reed announces that Moonraker landed near an array that's used to redirect comets. While blasting a bit of a divot on the moon, Dr. Evil RoboCop sends a subspace message on all frequencies telling everyone that if Earth doesn't get rid of aliens in the system, he will use his Frickin' Laser Beam to do some real damage. He goes off on a racist tangent about how much he HATES aliens that is probably the mission statement of Terryan Nation. And I don't know HOW they are going to resolve this in THIRTY SECONDS! Oh, wait, it's "to be continued." I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!!!!!

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