Desert Crossing

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Like sands through my beer glass

Dune Shack. Quantum gives Trip more water and looks worried. He asks Trip if he knows how to play "Geography." Trip doesn't. Quantum explains the rules. We all know the rules, so I'm not going to explain them, and if some of y'all don't, I'm still not going to explain it. Anyway, Quantum counters Trip's "Draylax" with "Xanadu," and Trip tries to tell him it's not a real place, but then he starts coughing and Quantum makes him drink more water. That's a good way to win the game -- cough to death. Suddenly, there's an explosion and Trip says, deliriously, "All right, whatever you say, Xanadu's fine!" Quantum looks out a peephole and sees something being launched at them. "Get your head down!" he yells at Trip, who doesn't get it, so Quantum jumps at him and pulls his head down as the shack is attacked. Quantum drags Trip out of their shack and into the open air. See, that made no sense to me. Just like when they set off across the desert, why would they risk it out in the open like that? Their bio-signs are going to be detected wherever they go.

Sh'pod. Reed says he's picking up weapons fire on the surface, and after ascertaining that Osama Bin Dribblin' doesn't have any settlements near there, T'Pol orders Reed to set a course and prepare to return fire. Osama Bin Dribblin' and Reed look at her. God, they're dumb. "I believe they've located the Captain and Commander Tucker," T'Pol says.

Dunes. Mortars destroy the shack completely and Quantum and Trip fall to the ground in the wake of the report. Quantum drags Trip along.

Sh'pod. Reed says, "I've got a lock." T'Pol tells him to fire. The sh'pod fires and destroys something in the distance. Osama Bin Dribblin' grins. T'Pol announces that she's located two humans, and Reed sets in their course.

Dunes. Quantum and Trip stagger around. "I'm jest slowin' you down -- go," Trip says. "I don't remember taking orders from you," Quantum replies. They're flooded by a bright light, and Quantum whips out his phase pistol until he recognizes one of his own sh'pods. He drags Trip a few more feet, and T'Pol pops open the door. She helps pull Trip in and a hand reaches out for Quantum; he looks up to see Osama Bin Dribblin' pulling him in. T'Pol immediately starts giving Trip water and Osama Bin Dribblin' hands a bag to Quantum, who nods at Reed to take off.

Enterprise. Osama Bin Dribblin' walks to the shuttle bay with T'Pol and a tanned-but-not-as-blistery-burned-as-he-should-be-after-spending-that-amount-of-time-in-the-sun Quantum, and says his launch window opens in nine minutes. "I hope Commander Tucker is going to be all right," he says. Quantum replies, "I doubt I'll ever convince him to set foot on another desert, but he'll be fine." Osama Bin Dribblin' drapes his cloak over his head, and Quantum says, "Even if I were the warrior you thought I was, that's not why we're out here." Osama Bin Dribblin' nods, grabs his hand and T'Pol's, and goes to his sh'pod. Walking through the corridors with Quantum, T'Pol says, "What you told him was correct. Decisions to get involved in the conflicts of other worlds should be left to governments and not starship captains." Quantum sighs, "I know. The irony is, I have a feeling his cause is worth fighting for." How brilliant to have such a feeling for something when you know less than fifty percent of the full story.

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