Desert Crossing

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Like sands through my beer glass

Enterprise Situation Room. Reed shows T'Pol the range of the planet's dispersion field and tells her he can get readings if he disables three of the satellites. T'Pol doesn't like that idea, saying it would only provoke the Torothans, and tells him to find a less blowing-things-up solution. Hoshi looks at T'Pol and asks, "Why Montana?" T'Pol just looks at her, not comprehending. Hoshi wants to know why the Vulcans chose Bozeman, Montana of all places as the point of their first contact with the humans. "Humanity's first warp drive was developed there, it seemed the logical place to begin," T'Pol explains. "Well, how did they know it wouldn't alarm other nations? An alien species makes contact with the United States -- it could've made a lot of other countries nervous," Hoshi says. "I agree. Pat Buchanan does make a lot of other countries nervous," Mathra says through a jowlful of peanut butter. T'Pol asks Hoshi what her point is, and Hoshi explains that it's the same as their current situation. "We get invited to dinner and before you know it, we're accused of taking sides in a war," she says. T'Pol says that first contact with other civilizations is always risky, but the Vulcan High Command has strict protocols for them to follow to avoid these types of situations. "Eventually, Captain Archer will have to create some directives of his own," T'Pol says. Really? "Directives"? And what kind of directives would those be, exactly? Not composite, but…PRIME?

The Dunes of Tatooine. Trip is having serious issues with the heat and the sun and the pit stains. He falls on his face, starts hallucinating, and tells Quantum he's freezing until Quantum finally says, "Heat exhaustion," and makes him drink some water. Trip drains his own bag, and Quantum forces him to drink some of his as well. Trip weakly protests, but Quantum orders him to do it. Trip still protests until Quantum says, "Take the water or I'll knock you on your ass and pour it down your throat!" "Knock him on his ass! Knock him on his ass!" Mathra chants, bouncing on the couch. Trip drinks, and Quantum hoists him up and drags him along.

Enterprise. Reed reports that Osama Bin Dribblin' is approaching them in a vessel. Hoshi says he's hailing them. "Open your launch doors, quickly!" Osama Bin Dribblin' grunts. T'Pol asks if Trip and Quantum are with him. "No, no, I'll explain once I'm aboard," Osama Bin Dribblin' says. "Where are they?" T'Pol demands. "If I'm not in your docking bay in the next thirty seconds, I'll be detected -- they'll destroy my ship!" Osama Bin Dribblin' answers.

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