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Phlox's Runaway Imagination

Phlox and his Imaginary Vulcan escort Trip down the hall. Trip admits to feeling woozy. Phlox encourages him to get something to eat. Trip staggers happily off. The Imaginary Vulcan offers to help him wake the others, but Phlox insists she get some rest, and escorts her to her quarters. Inside her quarters, the Imaginary Vulcan thanks Phlox. Phlox nods and says he'll stop by in a few hours to check on her. Imaginary Vulcan doesn't say anything, and Phlox looks down to see T'Pol sleeping in her bed in her blue Vulcan Velour, not the Vermillion she's been wearing all ep. She's a fast changer. Didn't even see her nekkid this time. Phlox looks up and sees that his Imaginary Vulcan is gone. Instead of freaking out as I undoubtedly would, he just smiles gently and looks at T'Pol again. Wait, does that mean he never checked on her the whole time she was in coma? That's a bit disturbing.

Phlox tells Dr. Lucas that he thought of trashing the entire letter, since so much of it is a work of fiction, but he thought Dr. Lucas would be amused to read it. So, could the expanding disturbance also be a figment of his imagination?

Mess Hall. Phlox joins T'Pol at a table. "Commander Tucker was complaining that it will take him days to realign the warp coils," T'Pol says as Phlox sits. Man, shut up, Trip! Phlox chuckles, "Yeah, he gave me quite a talking to." "He also said, and I quote, 'Phlox did one helluva job.'" Aw. Someone bumps into Phlox and excuses himself. T'Pol thinks Phlox must've enjoyed having the ship to himself. "It wasn't nearly as empty as I anticipated," Phlox comments. T'Pol looks Vulcanly confused.

Next week: Mu-titty on the Booty.

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