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Phlox's Runaway Imagination

Engineering. Phlox attends to his duties. He hears a bang and calls out. No response. He continues humming and doing his duty. Another bang. Phlox shouts, "T'Pol -- is that you?" in a tone bordering on panic. He gazes around. Something falls on the catwalk directly above him. "Stop!" Phlox shouts. He comms T'Pol and orders her not to "creep around the ship like a Draxxan cloud viper." T'Pol doesn't know what he's on about, since she hasn't left the Bridge. Scary music.

Galley. Ooh, Chef's got All-Clad pots and pans! I recognize them by the telltale curved handles. Nice. After apologizing for not wanting to eat in the Mess with all the empty chairs, Phlox makes dinner for him and T'Pol, saying, "My fifth grandmother made this for each of my weddings. Chef's tried to prepare it but he never gets it quite right." He puts two plates of something green and wet in front of T'Pol, who says that Chef's Plomeek broth is likewise lacking. Plomeek broth? I thought it was soup? Neelix's recipe certainly doesn't make it out to be a just a broth. Although, truth be told, the broth idea is pretty much what the Evil Dr. Mathra thought Plomeek soup was when he first heard of it. I just want to note here that Phlox is pulling salt and seasonings from some very cool bulbous glass bottles -- not as cool as Alton Brown's sodium chloride containment unit, but a nice touch nevertheless.

Phlox eats. T'Pol doesn't. Phlox confirms that T'Pol wasn't banging around Engineering earlier, and T'Pol asks what he was doing in there, since she's the one monitoring the engines. If that's the case, then why did Trip give Phlox a tutorial? Phlox finally confesses that he could've sworn someone was in Engineering with him that day. He realizes it can't be a member of the crew, since everyone is in "deep neural sedation." And this is where I think Phlox's subconscious decides that if it's not his Imaginary Vulcan, and it's not a crewmember, it has to be something else. Hence the apparitions later. Phlox talks about how crowded and vibrant Denobula is and how much he misses the sociability. He admits to being stressed out by being the only two people awake on the ship. T'Pol apologizes for letting him get lonely, and finds it ironic that she should be his sole companion, since Vulcans spend as much time seeking solitude as Denobulans do seeking social interaction. "At times it has been trying for me to exist with eighty humans -- especially the more irrational ones," T'Pol says ruefully. "Such as Commander Tucker," Phlox smiles. Without admitting to any sort of hanky-panky, T'Pol says she's found the last few days to be a "welcome respite." Phlox feels her, but says he won't complain about movie night being overcrowded ever again.

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