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Previously: Enterprise looked like a round of Emmenthaler, Degra offered to help out, Trip and T'Pol gave me stomach cramps, and T'Pol became a CRACK WHORE.

Hm, I see a lonely candle in a Pier 1 stand, and I hear soothing pipe music from "Sounds of Logical Stress Relief"...fee, fie, fo, fum, I smell the blood of a VULCAN PUN! A crabby old voice tells someone to come in. A Vulcan walks in, but since the UPN promos leave absolutely NOTHING to the imagination, we already know this is T'Pol's son. It was at this point that I blustered around the rim of my wine glass, "He's clearly Trip's son! Not only does he look like him when you squint your eyes and look over your right shoulder during a new moon, but why else would they put us through the stomach-churning event of their coupling AGAIN?!" Tri'Progeny confirms that the probe has been launched, and T'Pold comments that everything is happening just like before and seven million people will die. She orders her son to find Jonathan Archer.

Even the TechTV guys were thoroughly disgusted by the theme song.

T'Pol meditates in front of a host of the same Pier 1 candles we saw in T'Pold's quarters. Trip comes in and complains of sleeplessness and the fact that it's been a week since they last bumped Nodes. T'Pol puts him off, saying she's got a headache and an early class the next morning. Plus she argues that he's fairly adept at the poses. Trip doesn't like this response to his obvious Booty Call, and argues that T'Pol said it took years to master the poses: "I'm not that quick of a study." I'll say. T'Pol insists, shakily, that she's done having sex with him. Okay, so she may not use those exact words, but come on, that's what this scene is ALL about. Trip finally confesses that he's sleeping fine and didn't come for Node Nudging -- he's worried about her and how much she's keeping to herself these days: "You even asked Chef to bring your meals here." T'Pol insists that the Mess Hall is heavily damaged: "Where else do you suggest I eat?" Uh, since you ate a pepperoni pizza there just last week, I'd suggest, oh, I don't know, THE MESS HALL?! Trip says she's been avoiding him since, well, since they, you know. He can't seem to get that out, so T'Pol supplies for him: "Since we had sexual relations." Okay, Clinton. "I told you that what happened was an exploration, not the prelude to an intimate relationship," T'Pol states. "I never said I wanted a relationship!" Trip blurts. Of course not, you just want sex. Typical. And by the way, T'Pol has NOT been avoiding Trip since they Did It. Last week, she ordered him to bed (albeit sans Vulcan) and comforted him in his hour of need -- does he really not remember that? If you ask me, T'Pol's not the only one sniffing Trellium-D these days. "You helped me get through a rough patch and I'm grateful, I just stopped by to see if I could do the same," Trip says. T'Pol thanks him for his concern and tells him it isn't warranted. Just FYI, in the future you can get through a rough patch by smearing Vaseline Intensive Care on it.

Stella Cartography. The qrew senses half a dozen Kovaalan ships in the nebula, which is many more than Degra cautioned them about. "According to Degra, they're not very tolerant of trespassers," Quantum stiffs. Are they ever? Just once I'd like to see an alien race more like the Squire of Gothos where they're all "Be my guest!" until their parents spank them. Technobabble as they discuss how they're going to get to the subspace corridor with minimal detection. I guess the one thing that's important (or ironic) in all Reed's technobabble is that they're going to create multiple and false readings of their ship so the Kovaalans won't know which one to fire at.

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