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Back to the Furrow

Degra's ship. Degra, the other Mr. Man, and Three-Toed argue some more about whether or not they trust Quantum. All I care about in this scene is discussing what the hell happened to Degra's hair. It used to look like a ploughed field with strips of baldness alternating with lines of hair, but now those lines of hair are like big, singular curls! "I'm sorry, but he is just so ready to put on a mawashi and give someone a yorikiri," the Evil Dr. Mathra sniggers. For my part, I think he's getting ready to announce, "Weeee represent the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild!" It's a really odd hairstyle choice. Degra says they will protect Enterprise from Snake Eyes on their side of the corridor, and the other Mr. Man wonders what makes Degra think Snake Eyes won't fire at them.

Enterprise flies through fog and picks up readings from another ship. It's a Starfleet NX-class ship. They haven't actually entered the nebula yet, so it's not one of their own false readings. A visual is brought up onscreen, and a twin of Enterprise flies at them. "Must be the NX-02 Columbia," Reed guesses. Hail, Columbia. Quantum negates that idea, since the Columbia is still under construction. Hoshi doesn't think it's Columbia either, and a following close-up is supposed to prove that. I had to rewind several times before I finally got the idea that we are looking at "NX-01 Enterprise" on the battered hull. I have 20/20 vision, but it's next to impossible to read. They could have done a better job with their "revelation." Everyone is stunned into…stunned reaction shots. Tri'Progeny comes on the screen and -- without saying who he is -- he orders them to alter their course. They alter their course. "Would you tell me what the hell is going on?" Quantum demands. I guess he doesn't, because the next scene is at the airlock. Tri'Progeny and some chick with a perma-furrow aliened into her head step aboard. She's clearly related to Quantum -- those furrows have been bred into her DNA. Sure enough, after Tri'Progeny introduces himself as "Lorian, commander of Enterprise," he introduces Perma-Furrow as "Karen Archer, my first officer." Tri'Progeny insists they go somewhere to talk -- the conference room, specifically -- and requests that T'Pol join them.

In the conference room, Tri'Progeny tells Quantum that if he takes the ship into the subspace corridor, it will be thrown back one hundred seventeen years. The reason why he knows this is because it's already happened, and Tri'Progeny wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. As Tri'Progeny narrates, we get the High School Yearbook Cam of Futureprise that shows the ship going into the nebula, getting attacked by Kovaalans, and coming out of the corridor eleven-point-six light years later, where, as May-Partial-Fog puts it, "The stars...they're not where they're supposed to be." They ended up one hundred and seventeen years in the past, and Tri'Progeny's only explanation is one of extreme technobabble. They can't go back though time and the corridor, because the corridor was a one-way street.

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