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Back to the Furrow

High School Yearbook Cam of Futureprise. Quantum tells T'Pol they can't go back to Earth, because they'll contaminate their own culture and history. Never stopped Bermaga -- they've been contaminating their own culture and history for three years now. Rim shot! T'Pol reminds us that Cochrane won't get a DUI for another twenty-six years. Quantum thinks they can use this time travel to their advantage, since they know the date of the Psycho Bocce Ball. He wants them to figure out a way to prevent the attack. T'Pol reminds him that the Psycho Bocce Ball won't be launched for another hundred years.

Normal Camerawork of Presenterprise. Tri'Progeny blathers on that the crew soon realized it would be their descendants who would have to carry out their plan of prevention. People had sex, kids were born, the kids learned how to make the ship go. Quantum gets up to stalk around the room, and states, "You've been flying around the Expanse for over a century." T'Pol doesn't believe him: "Enterprise doesn't have fuel or provisions for such a long journey." Honey, have you ever heard of a little show called Voyager? No? Well, you're not missing much. Tri'Progeny decides to drop the M-bomb with no follow-up explanation whatsoever: "You've hardly changed, Mother." T'Pol's all "Whointhewhat to you?" and Quantum furrows mightily as he hopes upon Dear Diary hope that he's the father of this person. OF COURSE Tri'Progeny doesn't deign to answer T'Pol at this time, and just goes on that they made alliances with other species, had sex with them, and bartered for food and supplies. And very necessarily in that order. Nevertheless, they also failed in carrying out Quantum's mission to stop the Psycho Bocce Ball, so they're now here to help Quantum and Qrew to stop the next attack. T'Pol reminds us that the crew of Futureprise claim they can't go back through the corridor, and Perma-Furrow hands over alien technology to help with Presenterprise's propulsion systems. They'll be able to travel at warp six-point-nine for brief spurts, and they will even show them how to shore up their hull integrity to withstand such unprecedented speed. Presenterprise still won't believe the hype, so they all take a little field trip to Sickbay. Could Tri'Progeny's hair be any more 3 AM infomercially?

Sickbay. Quantum confirms that Perma-Furrow is most definitely related to Quantum -- his great-granddaughter -- and even has several species in her genetic code that Phlox doesn't recognize. Do you think Perma-Furrow's mother ever said, "If you aren't careful, your face is going to FREEZE that way!"? ["I'm more interested in the fact that 'Karen' is still a popular girls' name in the future. Or the past. Or…okay, forget it." -- Sars] Next, Phlox turns to T'Pol and says she's definitely getting a Mother's Day Teleflora delivery from Tri'Progeny this year. T'Pol cocks her head at the scans and says, "These...chromosomes are...human." Phlox agrees and says they are from the father. T'Pol snorts, "That's impossible, humans and Vulcans have never been able to reproduce." When was the last time you really tried, T'Pol? Phlox laughs lightly and says, "According to Tri'Progeny I discovered -- or rather I will discover -- a method for successfully combing human and Vulcan genomes." The next shot of Quantum is hysterical. He's looking down all saddened and distressed by this information and, without even looking up, angrily asks, "Who's the father?" Man, he's really upset here! He's either that scared he is the responsible party, or that scared he isn't. Either way, I kinda don't think it's really any of his business. I think Bakula played that scene really weirdly -- it's sending confusing signals. Phlox gives the answer that anyone with half a genome knew by now -- "Commander Tucker" -- and T'Pol just puffs her lips in surprise. You know, what with the CRACK WHORE problem and now acting surprised that she and Trip made a baby, I'm beginning to think that this Vulcan doesn't have the sharpest ears on the planet.

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