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Back to the Furrow

Quantum's Ready Room. T'Pol tells Quantum that the communiqué from her(old)self is that Tri'Progeny's plan isn't going to work in the slightest, and they could be destroyed in the attempt. Quantum leans into his WOTWW and confirms that Trip agrees with this assessment. They realize they will have to contact Degra to tell him they can't make their court date. T'Pol shows Quantum more calculations she will do in the future which show that if they technobabble a few doohickeys on the ship, they can use the subspace corridor without going back to the future. I'm cracking up that "doohickeys" is actually a word spell check recognizes.

In a parallel Ready Room on Futureprise, Quantum bawls out Tri'Progeny for not telling them about the twenty-two-percent chance that their ship could be destroyed. They argue about what should be done. Quantum seems to have the final word, and says they're making the modifications T'Pold Fart suggested and going through the corridor. As he flounces out, he tells Tri'Progeny that his Daddy Juice could use some extra hands in Engineering. If Quantum does much more flouncing on this show, he's going to need a back brace.

Tri'Progeny bawls out his mother for tattling on him to Quantum. They argue. T'Plucks-No-More-Forever kvetches that Tri'Progeny is letting his human side get the better of him. "You know NOTHING about being human," Tri'Progeny bores me. But can we just discuss how T'Pruneface looks exactly like Katie Couric when she went to Saudi Arabia and wasn't allowed to use her special "Katie Lighting," and we could see that her skin made the Rocky Mountains look like chiffon velvet? Tri'Progeny comments, "Maybe you'd be concerned if Vulcan was in danger and not Earth!" Well, Happy Fucking Mother's Day!

Tri'Progeny tells Perma-Furrow and the rest of his commanding crew that the crew of Futureprise has to be the ones to speak with Degra and meet with the Xindi of the Round Table, and they're going to steal Presenterprise's injectors to make it so. Perma-Furrow doesn't like that idea. "My father's a resourceful engineer -- he'll be able to fabricate new injectors," Tri'Progency states. I didn't know Trip was so talented in the medium of thin air. "You're asking me to betray Jonathan Archer!" Perma-Furrow whines. You know, if only these Futureprisers weren't all so wooden and cold in their approach to the lines, I might have felt something with that line, but as it is? I just feel the urge to throw my laptop at the television -- just to have something to get upset about. Tri'Progeny delivers a speech insisting that they follow his plan. I wonder if Quantum ever worked as a milkman. Because Tri'Progeny sure as hell got his Not Really That Stirring Speech Delivery traits from SOME-one.

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