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Back to the Furrow

On Futureprise, Perma-Furrow announces that the Kovaalans are regrouping. Tri'Progeny decides to use the tractor beam to tow Presenterprise into the corridor. We see the graphic, but May-Low-Visibility feels the need to explain it to us. Some more. Again. The Kovaalans are closing. Presenterprise loses aft plating, and their weapons are down. Sars, if I start recapping Extras of TNG, can I get a bottle of wine every time I have to type that line? ["Yeah, right. Is my last name Rockefeller over here?" -- Sars]

Futureprise decides to distract the Kovaalans by shooting at them, disengaging their tractor beam, and drawing the aliens' fire. Tri'Progeny tells them, "Your momentum will carry you into the corridor. We'll follow as soon as we can. Tell my parents I'll see them soon." WHATEVER! Quantum looks over at Tri'Progeny's mommy. She looks down and wonders why she breastfed him into his teens. As Futureprise starts to take serious damage, Presenterprise sails into the corridor and out the other side. Just like in the future flash-forward we saw earlier, Reed reports that there's no sign of pursuit, T'Pol reports that they've traveled eleven-point-six light years, and May-Low-Visibility announces that the stars are where they supposed to be. There's no sign of Tri'Progeny.

Five hours later, Quantum logs that Futureprise still hasn't arrived, and they are making repairs. Quantum and T'Pol discuss the odds of Futureprise surviving the attack of the Kovaalans. T'Pol takes a negative view of her son's fate, whereas Quantum prefers to believe Tri'Progeny was man enough to captain them through the onslaught. Before I start foaming at the mouth about how the timeline works, Quantum admits that it's possible that since they weren't thrown into the past, there was no need for them to marry, have kids, and keep Futureprise wandering around in space. "Are you suggesting the other Enterprise never existed? If you're right...then why would we remember them?" T'Pol wonders. Luckily, a comm from Hoshi asking them to come to the Bridge saves Quantum from having to say, "Temporal mechanics give me a headache."

Bridge. May-Evening-Showers announces that a ship is dropping out of warp. Quantum and T'Pol look hopeful. Hoshi says it's Degra. Quantum and T'Pol slump. You know, Trip's actually the only one who bonded with his son -- why don't we get to see his reaction? I mean, since they acted so antiseptic toward one another, I don't really give a flying shit about Perma-Furrow and Quantum. And the T'Pol/T'Prunelight Becomes You bonding was just...odd, but Trip and Tri'Progeny shared a few precious moments that will later be molded into china statuettes, so his distress at the loss of the other ship would have been much more affecting. Degra hails them, "Captain, you're early." Oh, ha ha! NOT!

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