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Hoshi and the Beast

Bridge. T'Pol paces until Quantum comms to say they got their scans, and the Bad Breath Star II was right where she said it would be. T'Pol must still be experiencing some residual effects from her Trellium-D anaphylactic shock if she's exhibiting nervous anxiety by pacing. Although it would have been so simple for them to bring Phlox onto the Bridge and have him hanging around in the background, reminding T'Pol to take deep breaths and therefore confirming that Continuity did indeed pee in his pants.

Quantum logs that T'Pol is analyzing their data; they're on the way to pick up Hoshi and find out if Alien Von Stalker, bart. can give them information of the Xindian variety.

Cliffs of Insanity, Castle Stalker. Hoshi lies on her bed in pink sundress. She doesn't even have a cardigan on! She's going to catch a chill. Alien Von Stalker, bart. knocks, asks if he can come in, and tells Hoshi that Quantum is on his way to get her. He adds that he's learned a lot about the Xindi weapon that they'll find useful. Clutching her book to shield her cleavage, Hoshi thanks him for all his help. Once more, Hoshi rejects his offer to stay with him as his companion for life. Well, for her life, not his. Alien Von Stalker, bart. says he was foolish to think she would ever give in. "The next time you invite someone for a visit, you might want to let them know that you're looking for a lifetime companion," Hoshi advises him. Alien Von Stalker seems to think that's good advice, and changes his Yahoo Personal to say:

I am a:

Looking for a:
telepathic-capable female

Interested In:
Lifetime companionship (no longer just "play")

My Age:

Your Age Between:
Not picky, but not on your last legs. I don't have that much room left in my graveyard.

Anywhere. I can and will transport you to me.

Alien Von Stalker, bart. encourages her to keep the book she's reading as a memento of their time together. Since he puts it like that, I'd burn the damn thing. Hoshi's glad, because she's almost done and she wants to see how it ends. If I'm not mistaken, that book was about a people that no longer exists -- it's not a novel. So what exactly is going to happen as a plot twist in the end? Gasp -- they're all dead? I never saw that coming in a book about a people whose homeworld, language, and culture exists solely in these pages! Alien Von Stalker, bart. tells her it was a privilege knowing her, and says he will send Quantum to her when he's done briefing him.

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