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Hoshi and the Beast

Hoshi wants to know if he's continuously reading her mind. "Not since you've arrived. Now that you're here with me, I would rather get to know you the way other humans do." Hoshi tightly says, "This is great, but I'm pretty tired." Her voice sounds choked. One of the only moments of true acting we see from Park in all this. "Of course," Alien Von Stalker, bart. says. He takes her bag to her room and, as Hoshi stands there with her arms crossed defensively, tells her that if she needs anything, she just has to ask. Is Mrs. Pots going to come and get her ready for bed? He tells her he won't see her until supper the next night, as he will be working all day. See how he's trying to play all hard-to-get now that she's so totally uncomfortable with him? He tells her to feel free to wander around Castle Stalker, "but I strongly suggest that you stay inside. The winds can be treacherous." And stay away from the west wing, because Mrs. Danvers doesn't like visitors. Nor does the first Mrs. Rochester. Hoshi thinks she can occupy herself nicely. Alien Von Stalker, bart. hands over a book and says she might be interesting in reading it, as it's written in a dead language that's over a thousand years old: "Everything about these people -- their homeworld, their culture -- has vanished into time." Hoshi thanks him. Alien Von Stalker, bart. turns away and says dramatically, "You don't have to feel alone." "I won't," Hoshi says lightly, "I'll be busy with this." Alien Von Stalker, bart. says that's not what he meant. He knows she often feels isolated even when she's among people, and he wants her to know that she doesn't have to feel that way. Why? Because he's thinking of renting the studio above her cerebellum? Back off, baronet. Alien Von Stalker, bart. leaves, and Hoshi grips the book to her chest.

Enterprise. Quantum throws his damn water polo ball against two different walls. If I were his neighbor, I'd murder him in his sleep. And then I'd pop that damn ball. In fact, I'd murder him with that damn ball. I'd pop it and shove it down his throat. Quantum bangs the ball against the wall one more time, and this time it sticks. In the wall. Like that Ensign did between floors in TNG. As I laugh and laugh and laugh, the Evil Dr. Mathra rips off his shirt and runs in circles around the apartment screaming, "GOOOOOOOOOAL!" Quantum comms T'Pol and says he assumes they're getting close, then leaves his room after one last glare at the stuck ball. In the corridors, anomalies bubble through and make the doors look like they're retaining water. In Engineering, one of the stairways ripples and folds before being flipped completely over by an anomaly curl. It's "Persistence of Enterprise." The ano-Dalì ripples though the bulkheads of the ship and blows a hole right through it. Hull breach! Hull breach!

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