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Hoshi and the Beast

Hoshi walks in that place that earlier I couldn't decide if it was a greenhouse, an atrium, or just Nero Wolfe's plant room. She rubs a window and looks outside. She opens the door and steps outside. She crosses her arms over her chest as the snowy wind blows. Do you see the impracticality of your sundress now? It's not like you came to Bald Mountain to work on your tan! Hoshi sees some plaques set into the ground, and frowns at them. Alien Von Stalker, bart. grabs her arm from behind and growls, "I asked you to stay inside!" Hoshi gestures at the graves and demands to know if that's why he didn't want her out there. "Who are they?" Hoshi demands. Alien Von Stalker, bart. says, "They're people I knew!" Well, at least he's not in the habit of burying people he doesn't know. Alien Von Stalker, bart. tells her the "last one" died over a century ago, and he tries to pull Hoshi back inside. "How did they die?" Hoshi demands. "Very few lifespans are as long as mine," Alien Von Stalker, bart. says. He tells her he is four hundred years old. Given the Vulcan potential for telepathy as well as being long-lived, I'm surprised he didn't try to stalk T'Pol. Maybe her mind is too strong to let anyone in. Then again, her mind has been weakened by her Mind-Meld AIDS and her recent problems with the Trellium-D, so she could have been a prime target for him. All the graves are for his past "companions." So he's really the Bluebeard Beast. "I don't know what's worse -- being alone or having to bury the people I've come to care about. It's been many years since I've found someone like you," Alien Von Stalker, bart. says. I think he needs to get a cat.

Hoshi tells him they should go back inside. But now, Alien Von Stalker, bart. doesn't want her to go back inside. He runs in front of her and begs her to consider becoming his next companion. Hoshi cites their mission and her duties as reasons not to become his consort, but Alien Von Stalker, bart. says their mission might be over soon with his help. "Do you really expect me to spend the rest of my life on a desolate world with someone I have known for two days?" Hoshi demands. Seriously, forget the "two days" crap -- I love my husband and have known him for seven years but it would never be a good idea for us to live on the Cliffs of Insanity for the rest of our lives. I doubt they get cable out there, and internet connectivity? Forget it. It would be so slow as to make it impossible to load TWoP. Alien Von Stalker, bart. tells her that his other companions had the same reservations, but in time, they got over them. Probably because you didn't give them a choice, wacko. "No one will ever understand you the way that I can!" Alien Von Stalker, bart. says. That is so stalker-speak if I've ever heard it! Hoshi says she's grateful for his help, but she has no intention of ever becoming one of his harem. She runs inside and is faced with the Alien Von Stalker, bart.'s human form. She tells him going around looking like a squashed-down Tom Hanks isn't going to change her mind. Hoshi tries to get around Alien Von Stalker, bart. but he blocks her way and spouts more intimate details about her life -- fear of the unknown, and her decision to stay aboard Enterprise. Alien Von Stalker, bart. tries to do some more convincing by using intimidation tactics. He even tells her that her mouth may be saying "no" but her brain is saying something different. I thought he wasn't going to read her mind now that she's down here. Hoshi tells him to leave her alone and walks away. "Michio," Alien Von Stalker, bart. says. He tells Hoshi that her grandfather was the last person she was close to, and since he died she hasn't been very connected to anyone. It's not clear if "Michio" was her grandfather's name or what her grandfather called her. Alien Von Stalker, bart. promises her the same kind of connection and companionship again. Even if he promises to dandle her on his knee and take her fishing, "no" means "get the fuck away from me!" "Leave me alone!" Hoshi screams, and tries to run away. Again, Alien Von Stalker, bart. appears in front of her. This time he actually has the temerity to apologize because he knows this all "must seem overwhelming." "Overwhelming"? Try obsessive, needy, and disturbing. He tells her she's going to have a long time to think about his offer, and then he finally (FINALLY!) disappears. What a complete jerk.

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