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Fortunate. A few rugrats play hide-and-seek while T'Pol does some supercilious scans. She asks one of the crewmembers, "Why is power being rerouted from the internal sensors to the weapons systems?" "Maybe you didn't notice," the crewmember snarks, "we were in a battle." T'Pol reminds him that "the battle" is over, and she will remove the bypass. "Uh, that's all right," the crewmember says. "You can just leave them." T'Pol looks at him, and continues with her scans. She looks puzzled and lowers her tricorder to a cupboard. Opening it, she finds a girl-type rugrat. "Shhh," the little girl says, holding her finger to her lips. A boy rugrat comes back and asks T'Pol, "Have you seen Nadine?" as she closes the cupboard. "I'm sorry, I don't know which child is named 'Nadine,'" she responds. The boy rugrat runs off. Nadine comes out of her hiding place. "Thanks," she says to T'Pol. "I just told him the truth," T'Pol calls after her. I think they should have struck that last line from T'Pol's script. We all would've "aww"ed over the cute aspect of what she did and then told each other that Vulcans (supposedly) don't lie. We didn't need T'Pol's clumsy reminder -- it just ruined the effect. T'Pol does some more scans while the crewman watches her with narrowed eyes.

Enterprise. T'Pol comms Quantum in his cabin and tells him that the repairs are nearly complete, but she does need to see him "in private." In his cabin with T'Pol, Quantum questions Ryan: "Those engine parts Mr. Tucker gave you working out okay?" Ryan tells him, "Some of the connections were off by a few microns but they should be okay." Picky, picky. Hey, wasn't that the name of Ramona Quimby's cat? Quantum does a bit more shadow-boxing before he says, "Are there only humans aboard your ship?" Ryan tells him he thinks one of the children has a pet Tenebian skunk, "if that's what you mean." "It isn't," T'Pol says, standing directly behind him. Ryan whirls around to look at her. Quantum explains, "T'Pol's scanner picked up a Nausicaan bio-sign." "Are you saying we've got a stowaway?" Ryan asks. "You know that's not what we're saying," Quantum says. "Why don't you tell us what's going on over there." Ryan stalls by playing dumb. He's rather good at it. T'Pol's scans indicate that the Nausicaan is injured. "Okay, not that it's any of your business, but there is a Nausicaan aboard. He's my prisoner," Ryan says. Quantum asks him what gives him the right to take prisoners. Ryan gets all emotional about the fact that the Nausicaans have been attacking their ship for months, taking their cargo and nearly killing his captain. "What gives them the right to do that?" he asks tearfully. Not so tough once you've been called onto the carpet, are you, football-boy? Quantum requests an audience with the Nausicaan. "And what would you do, hmm? Take him back to Nausicaa?" Ryan asks, quickly getting over his tearful outburst. "They'd probably give him a medal." Does anyone really say "hmm" in everyday conversation? Quantum asks Ryan what his plans are for the Nausicaan, but Ryan says it's his business and Starfleet has no jurisdiction over what he does on his ship. So, by that logic, he could murder his whole crew and not get into trouble, because Starfleet has no authority over what happens on his ship? What. Ever. Buddy. Boy. Quantum agrees at his lack of jurisdiction, but tells him there's something else he can do. He comms Trip: "I want you to remove all the spare parts and equipment you installed on the Fortunate." "Sir?" Trip comms back, a little more confused than usual. "You heard me, Trip," Quantum says. "You wouldn't do that," Ryan says. "Try me," Quantum says. Oh, my. I am so overexcited by this original and engaging dialogue that I am just going to have to get myself another beer to calm down.

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