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Fortunate cargo module, a.k.a. Nausicaan holding pen. "He's in there," Ryan growls at the Enterprise crew, gesturing somewhere inside the hold. The Enterprise crew walks through the hold. "Where?" Quantum asks. "He's tied up over there," Ryan says unhelpfully. They meander some more through the barrels. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. They're hunting Nausicaans. Still no sign of a smelly giant with a horny face. T'Pol scans as if her life depends on it. "I'm reading one bio-sign," she tells Quantum, "but it's not Nausicaan." T'Pol and Quantum spy a Fortunate crewmember with a gun. Ryan grabs his gun from its hiding place in a barrel. "Don't do this," Quantum warns Ryan, ducking behind a barrel. Reed fires a phaser shot at the other crewmember, but misses him. T'Pol and Quantum duck as the crewmember fires back. Reed pulls at Phlox and tells him to "get down." And boogie. "Under the circumstances, I defer to your experience," Phlox says. Quantum calls out that they're making a large-ish mistake. More phaser fire. Quantum points at Reed and hisses, "Go!" Reed goes. Quantum and Reed sneak around the barrels, attempting to get into position. As Ryan and the other crewmember back their way out of the cargo bay, Ryan purposefully fires several shots at the surrounding bulkhead. "Captain, there's a breach," T'Pol announces as stuff starts to hiss from the phaser blast points. Ryan fires a few more shots behind him and closes the cargo bay off. Quantum tries to comm Ryan from the inside, but they don't heed him. There's a rumble. Reed looks around and asks, "What was that?" Pretty soon the walls start closing in, the trash starts compacting, and Luke gets strangled by a water snake. Okay, actually, we see that Fortunate has decided to jettison that particular cargo module.

This move does not go unnoticed by Enterprise. "What the hell's going on over there?" Trip the acting captain asks. "There are four bio-signs on that module. It's the away team!" Hoshi announces. Trip comms Quantum and asks what's up. Quantum explains the situation and orders Trip to keep the cargo freighter from leaving orbit. Trip hails the Fortunate. No response. "They're charging weapons," Mayberry announces. Trip tells him to polarize the hull plating. The garbage scow fires at Enterprise. T'Pol reports as much to the away team in the module. Quantum asks Trip for a report. "They're gettin' a l'il trigger-happy, sir, jes' stand by!" Trip pants back. He doesn't stay very calm under pressure, does he? I mean, it's a recycling barge firing on them with weapons he just upgraded himself. It's not like three Romulan birds of prey appeared from nowhere with their cloaking devices and big-ass photon torpedoes. That's it -- he's out of the running for captain should Captain Quantum happen to have an incident. Since we're standing by and there's no "Girl from Ipanema" as the hold music, we can hear Trip giving breathless commands: "Load starboard tubes three and four. Target their engines." On Enterprise, Mayberry says, "They've jettisoned our pod. Their warp drive's coming online." Trip gives the order to fire a torpedo, but they miss as Fortunate makes the jump to warp speed. In the cargo module, Quantum asks Trip how he's doing. Trip tells him they didn't take too much damage, but the Fortunate got away. Quantum orders Trip to follow them, but T'Pol has something to say about that: "Considering our rate of decompression, I suggest Enterprise retrieve us as quickly as possible." Good ol' T'Pol -- always up on the logical course of action. Quantum tells Trip to "belay" his last order (that's twice in two episodes -- who's been cracking open the maritime dictionary?) and send a shuttle pod to pick them up. "We've sprung a leak," Quantum says, grudgingly acknowledging the fact that they need oxygen to survive.

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