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Enterprise. Reed reports that they're trying to track the Fortunate's warp trail, "but their plasma cannon knocked out our long-range sensors." Convenient, that. Quantum asks how long before their long-range sensors are back online. "Mr. Tucker says at least four hours," T'Pol reports. "We don't know where they are but we know who they're looking for," Mayberry butts in. Everyone looks at him. Not because they don't know what he's talking about, but because they're wondering who wrote him so many lines this episode. "The Nausicaans," Mayberry supplies in the pregnant pause. "Ryan's after revenge, sir." "A very primitive emotion, but it would explain his irrational behavior," T'Pol says by way of agreement. "It's rational to him," Mayberry says. Well, irrational behavior usually is rational to the irrational. That's what makes them irrational. "Those pirates attacked his ship -- that's his family. If we want to find the Fortunate, we need to find the Nausicaans," Mayberry finishes.

Fortunate. "The frequencies," Ryan hisses. "You're not very skilled in interrogation. I could give you some lessons," the Nausicaan rasps. Ryan hauls off and kicks him in the chest. The other crewmembers look uncomfortable with this type of behavior. Ryan grabs the Nausicaan's face: "Give me the frequencies!" Seriously, what's the frequency, Kenneth? The Nausicaan says his shipmates will rescue him from his tower prison so long as he can let his hair down. "I'm counting on it," Ryan tells him, and then proceeds to beat his face in. The other crewmember -- whose name, it turns out, is Shawn, and I only know that because I looked it up -- looks even more uncomfortable than before, and now with overtones of nausea.

Later that same twenty-four-hour period. "That wasn't so difficult, was it?" Ryan says, rubbing his knuckles as he and Shawn walk through the corridors. "You nearly killed him," Shawn points out. Ryan ignores that minor bit of information and tells Shawn to remodulate the weapons. "What about the Nausicaan?" Shawn asks. "Keep him locked up," Ryan tells him. "We might still need him." Shawn reminds him they've got what they wanted: "Let's just get him off the ship." Ryan stops walking and looks accusingly at Shawn: "How?" Shawn grasps at straws and says, "An escape pod?" "So his friends can pick him up?" Ryan supplies, "and he can tell them to change their shield modulations. What was the point of all this?" Shawn says he's been asking himself the same thing, since they been able to deal with the Nausicaans before without taking hostages or beating them bloody. Ryan tells him it's time they show the Nausicaans they're serious, or else they'll never leave the Fortunate alone. Shawn asks how Captain Keene would want them to handle this. That gets Ryan's dander up, and he gets up in Shawn's face: "I'm responsible for this ship now, and I need to know that you're going to help me do whatever it takes to protect her." Shawn wipes his face, considers this, and nods. Ryan grasps him by the shoulders and says they've taken enough Nausicaan abuse in the past; it's time they started giving it back.

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