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The Inner Fright

Quantum's Ready Room. B'Stiller enters, and Quantum tells him Trip's done fixing their ship, so they should be warping off soon. "Yes," is all B'Stiller has to say. Quantum asks how the Arachnid Nebula survey is going. "We'll be done this afternoon," B'Stiller says. "That's great news," Quantum grins, and says he wants to thank him for all his help. B'Stiller preens that it was the least they could do, and they enjoyed spending time with Enterprise. "You have an exceptional crew, Captain," B'Stiller says. "Starfleet's finest," Quantum affirms, pouring coffee from his thermos. "Sleep well last night?" B'Stiller is puzzled. "Well enough," he responds. "You?" Quantum tells B'Stiller he "tossed and turned," but that's usual for him when they're "exploring someplace new." B'Stiller understands. I don't. "Well, if there's nothing more, Captain," B'Stiller says, getting up to leave, "I'm eager to get back to work. We have another twenty million cubic kilometers to chart." Quantum apologizes for detaining him and says, "I'm afraid you'll be working alone today." B'Stiller is surprised, and Quantum tells him T'Pol's in Sick Bay. "From what the doctor tells me, she's in pretty bad shape," Quantum says. "That's unfortunate," B'Stiller says, not batting an eye. "What happened?" "You know damn well what happened," Quantum says. It's a testament to how lousy an actor Bakula is in this scene that his tone of voice doesn't change one module with that line. "She told me about your -- what did she call it? -- mind-meld. She said when she asked you to stop, you got angry. She said she had to force you away," Quantum says, getting in the Vulcan's face. B'Stiller smirks and tells him that what went on between them is "personal." "It's not your concern," the Vulcan adds.

Quantum attempts to raise his voice a bit, saying, "You assaulted a member of my crew." "I did no such thing! Mind-melds can be emotionally turbulent [yeah, we get it, like sex for the first time can be 'emotionally turbulent,' so when someone says 'no' or 'stop,' she's really confused as to what she wants, right? Eech]. She simply panicked," B'Stiller says calmly. Quantum points out that panicking doesn't get you admitted to Sick Bay: "Our doctor said she could have suffered neurological damage, thanks to you." B'Stiller says no one forced her to try the mind-meld: "She did it willingly." Quantum accuses B'Stiller of "manipulating" T'Pol ever since he came on board, and B'Stiller says he's trying to help T'Pol "shed a lifetime of repression." "You of all people should understand what I am trying to do. You're human," B'Stiller states, then says he's going to go see T'Pol. Quantum blocks his way. "T'Pol's had enough of your 'help'!" he growls. "Stay away from her." B'Stiller argues that T'Pol is "in a crucial stage of her awakening" and "needs guidance." Quantum says, "I told you it's over." B'Stiller snorts and says that's for T'Pol to decide. Quantum steps in front of the door and says, "Maybe I'm not making myself clear: Sick Bay's off-limits." B'Stiller tells Quantum to get out of his way: "You'd be wise to let me leave." Quantum taunts him, asking if he's getting mad. Now, why is that a taunt to a Vulcan who admits to welcoming emotion? B'Stiller grabs at Quantum and tells him to "move aside." "T'Pol's right," Quantum observes. "You've got a temper." B'Stiller says, "Now!" and Quantum tells him, "Go to hell!" Remember when Kirk only said, "Go to the devil"? That was funny. B'Stiller shoves Quantum aside, but Quantum grabs at the Vulcan's wrist. Big mistake -- B'Stiller takes the opportunity to hoist Quantum to the ceiling and bang his big head against it, then he heaves him across the room. As Quantum winces and grunts in pain, B'Stiller approaches him. Quantum grabs a phase pistol from the back of his chair. Oohhh-kay? B'Stiller stops and says, "You planned this." Quantum hauls himself to his feet and says, "If I had known I was going to get thrown across the room that hard, I might have tried a different approach. I think it's time you and your friends went on your merry way." B'Stiller clenches his jaw a few times. Is it pointless for me to mention that Quantum pretty much threw T'Pol in the Hippie Vulcans' path, and therefore he has some 'splaining to do?

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