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The Inner Fright

Amidst Trip's final technobabble instructions, Kov tells Trip he found out that his father's condition is improving; he might live a few more years. "I'm glad to hear it," Trip says. "That'll give you a little more time to think about making that call." That's where he's wrong, because, as Kov tells him, he got the update on his father's condition from his father's own lips. Aww. NOT. Kov thanks Trip, who slaps his shoulder and says, "Anytime." Kov leaves, and Trip looks very pleased with himself and his square-dance allegory.

The Vulcan ship leaves. Quantum rings T'Pol's doorbell and finds her meditating. He asks if she's feeling better. "Has the Vulcan ship left?" she asks. Quantum tells her they left twenty minutes ago. "Then, yes, I'm feeling better," T'Pol says, sighing. Quantum looks around at her candles and squats down to her level. He asks if she has a séance every night. "Every night," she affirms. Quantum slowly tells her that he thinks he finally gets the big, pointy picture. T'Pol looks at him, and he gets up to leave, saying he'll see her in the morning. Again with the Soap Opera Stop At The Door as T'Pol says, "Captain, do you dream?" Quantum tells her he does, "Sometimes they're even in color." T'Pol asks if the dreams are "enjoyable." "Most nights," Quantum tells her, a bit puzzled. "I envy you. Good night," T'Pol says. Quantum leaves, thinking, "Damn, just when I thought I had it all figured out, she throws this conundrum at me!" T'Pol meditates.

Looks like next week is a repeat of an episode where Quantum interferes with pre-warp aliens. Bet that'll keep you guessing which one it is!

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