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Horizon. A large alien ship tails them and orders them to abandon their vessel. We can see what the alien pirates look like from Horizon's viewscreen, and they don't appear to be anything we've met before. Capt. Bro-Weather tries to keep his ship by telling the aliens to help themselves their cargo and leave, but the Dread Alien Roberts hangs up on him. May-Meshobbab -- dolled up in a red mock turtleneck that suits his coloring way better than Starfleet blue -- reports that the Jolly Roger is charging weapons. Capt. Bro-Weather thinks fast, orders the upgraded weapons system online (so no one on that ship knew how to kill off May-Meshobbab's upgrades?), and demands to know if his brother still thinks he can disable the pirate ship's weapons. "If I can get a clear shot. But I can't do that as long as they're behind us," May-Meshobbab tells him, salivating with the idea of possibly being important. Horizon is hit. At May-Meshobbab's suggestion, Capt. Bro-Weather agrees to cut all the cargo loose. Mum-Weather tells Engineering to stand by to release primary clamps, and Capt. Bro-Weather asks if May-Meshobbab remembers how to fly Horizon. "I'm sure it'll come back to me," May-Meshobbab half-jokes, taking Helmsman Tattle-Pants's place. They drop out of warp, the Jolly Roger on their heels, and initiate the clamp release. There's a lot of cool metal creaking noises as the clamps turn the cargo loose. May-Meshobbab reports the pirates' closing-in location. Finally, the suddenly divested Horizon zips away from its released cargo and gets fired on. Mum-Weather reports a loss of starboard plating. "Travis!" Capt. Bro-Weather shouts. May-Meshobbab takes Horizon around and fires on the Jolly Roger. Horizon also gets fired upon, and Mum-Weather reports the loss of hull plating. May-Meshobbab brings them about and fires again at the alien pirate ship. The Jolly Roger's engines seem to flicker out, and Helmsman Tattle-Pants reports that the pirate ship's weapons are gone as well. Capt. Bro-Weather opens a channel and tells Dread Alien Roberts that maybe he and his kind will think twice before attacking another Earth vessel. Capt. Bro-Weather hangs up and tells May-Meshobbab to re-dock with the cargo and get them out of there. "Aye, Captain," May-Meshobbab agrees. Mum-Weather smiles at her two sons.

There's a world where he can go and tell his secrets to. In his room. In his room. In his room, May-Gilfoil packs up his stuff. Capt. Bro-Weather comes in for one last brotherly kiss-and-make-up session. May-Gilfoil offers to speak to Reed and get the alien beacon removed. Capt. Bro-Weather is appreciative. Just make sure the weapons officer goes to the bathroom before he gets into his EV suit. Desperately trying to find something to talk about, Capt. Bro-Weather's eyes fall on the handmade star-chart, and he asks May-Gilfoil if he ever got to Trelkis III with all the multi-centric rings. "We haven't traveled quite that far," May-Gilfoil admits. "Well, when you do, how about sending me a sub-space postcard?" Capt. Bro-Weather asks. "You can count on it," May-Gilfoil promises. They clasp hands, and Capt. Bro-Weather thinks he should get back to the Bridge: "See you in another four years." May-Gilfoil hopes it's sooner, and Capt. Bro-Weather says he'd like that. And the fuzzies put themselves into a 325-degree oven.

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