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Enterprise. Quantum welcomes May-Snavely back. Whatever happened to asking "permission to come aboard"? I always thought that was sort of keen. Quantum asks after May-Snavely's family. "They're okay," May-Snavely non-committals. "We spotted some damage on their port cargo modules," Quantum notes. May-Snavely brushes it off as an old meteor impact. Quantum furrows, "You sure everything's all right?" May-Snavely looks down, thinks a moment, and smiles, "Never better, sir." Well, that all makes for a pretty ending, but what about the fact that May-Snavely is going to have Reed remove the alien beacon from Horizon's hull? Is he going to go back to Quantum and say, "Okay, well, I didn't tell you everything but here's the deal"? It just seems that more questions will arise from the fact that he wasn't completely honest with his captain off the bat.

Next week: Everyone do the Phlox Trot!

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