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Horizon Bridge. May-Winterbottom makes some adjustments to the ships technobabble and manages to piss off his already pissy brother, who reminds him that he specifically doesn't want his help. While an interested helmsman looks on, Bro-Weather demands to know what they're going to do if the new upgrades go offline and May-Winterbottom is safely out of range on his Starfleet vessel. May-Winterbottom obviously didn't think of that as he stands there catching flies. "I'd prefer it if you didn't modify any more systems without discussing it with me," Bro-Weather orders. "Whatever you say, sir," May-Winterbottom snarks. "Maybe you can stop by Engineering," Bro-Weather starts to say, propping his feet up on his con. May-Winterbottom looks interested. "Build us a warp fiiiive engine," Bro-Weather finishes, while grinning nastily. May-Winterbottom slinks out…

…to sulk in his room. Some chick -- obviously not a member of the family -- close to May-Winterbottom's age pays him a visit. They hug and exchange condolences about Pa-Weather. "Aren't you a little old for this?" Random Barge Chick asks, picking up a stuffed animal. "I don't know, I thought it might be fun to regress for awhile -- what do you say we turn off the grav-plating and jump on the bed?" May-Winterbottom suggests. "And get grounded again?" Random Barge Chick laughs. "That wouldn't look to good on your Starfleet record." Okay, this is kind of a strange coincidence, but when I went home last month, my mother told me she thought I was regressing -- she used that exact word -- and that I acted older at twenty-four than I do at twenty-nine. I think she meant it as a rebuke because I got a tattoo and cut off all my hair, but I decided to take it as a compliment. May-Winterbottom tells her how much he's seen aboard Enterprise. Random Barge Chick is suitably impressed. "In eighteen months?" she marvels. Has it only been eighteen months? It feels like I've been from here to eternity and come all the way back again by way of the corner store.

After some more verbal horseplay, Random Barge Chick finally gets around to her real reason for coming to May-Winterbottom's room. She tells him that Bro-Weather's command of the ship is a little shaky, and morale is really low because of it. "We missed a rendezvous with an Orion freighter two weeks ago -- the cargo authority wasn't too pleased," Random Barge Chick says. Not to mention all the Orions who didn't get their slave girls in time for Good Friday. It means something completely different on their planet. Random Barge Chick notes that Bro-Weather's a little on edge. "He's always on edge," May-Winterbottom shrugs. "More than usual," Random Barge Chick insists, and opines that the reason why Mum-Weather hasn't said anything to her Starfleet son is because she didn't want to worry him. May-Winterbottom thinks that, as Bro-Weather has been in charge for only a few weeks, he just needs some time to settle in. It's a nice facet of May-Winterbottom's character that he defends his brother instead of unloading dishing on him. The ship jolts. "Charlie at the helm?" May-Winterbottom says for the second time in this episode. Have we even met this Charlie? "Just a little spatial turbulence," Random Barge Chick says. "You've gotten spoiled on Enterprise." The ship shakes a bit more violently, and it becomes apparent that they are under attack.

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