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The Vulcansnatchers

Enterprise. Trip lists damages to his sh'pod to a repair team. Hoshi comms that they're getting a transmission from Quantum. Quantum explains the situation to Trip and says they need help getting off the ship. Trip can't get to them for a few hours, so Quantum sends over the medical data on the Vulcan crew and orders Trip to get Phlox working on it.

Selaya. T'Pol tremblingly explains her repairs and asks Reed if he's finished with his part. He is. T'Pol tries to do something but suffers a nasty shock for it. I wonder if it will show up in her hair as a white lightning bolt. "What did you do?!" T'Pol shouts at Reed, who stammers out an explanation. T'Pol literally throws him aside and shouts that he didn't sequence his technobabble properly. "Then we'll have to try something else," Quantum says firmly. "It's pointless! The circuits are DAMAGED!" T'Pol throws the damaged (and plastic) circuits at Quantum and Reed and shouts that she should've been watching him. This is really funny. T'Pol comes over all paranoid and accuses Quantum and Reed of treachery, betrayal, and general plotting to undermine her. Quantum tries to calm T'Pol down and tells her they need to find another way off the ship. Reed offers that he may have found one, but it's going to take a significant amount of technobabbling. What Reed's plan will result in is a reactor breach -- I've watched Geordi roll under that descending fire door too many times not to know that that's very, very bad. T'Pol doesn't like that idea, but Quantum thinks it may be their only choice. T'Pol backs away from them and says, "You want to kill all of us!" She pulls a gun. Reed fumbles with his. "You don't trust Vulcans! You never have!" Reed whispers loudly to Quantum that her gun is set to "kill." Quantum tries to talk the weapon away from her. "Don't think I've forgotten! You blamed us for holding you back -- for undermining your father's work! Now you've decided to take revenge!" It must be exhausting to talk in constant exclamation points. Quantum and Reed move forward, and T'Pol promises that she'll fire. Quantum reminds her that they're on a rescue mission, not a vendetta. He also asks her to consider why he would order the weapons on "stun" if he really wanted to kill the Vulcombies, and I'm just waiting for the inevitable addition. Voila: "It's not logical," Quantum adds. Vulcombies pound at the door, distracting T'Pol, and Quantum forces the gun out of her hand. I think this is where T'Pol should kick his ass. Not because I'm mad at him -- not this time -- but because she's Vulcan and she's wicked strong, and should be more so if she's a little nutty. Quantum pulls a gun on her.

Enterprise Sickbay. Phlox analyzes the scans Quantum sent. Trip is confused: "T'Pol and I have been working with Trellium for weeks -- she hasn't shown any symptoms." Phlox points out that they haven't been successful in synthesizing the Trellium in any significant quantities. "The crew of the Selaya, however, had the misfortune of wandering into an asteroid field filled with the compound. Trellium-D is a potent neurotoxin to the Vulcan nervous system. It disrupts the synaptic pathways that allow them to control emotions. Unfortunately, the rate of decay is accelerating." I'm glad they actually came up with a pseudo-scientific reason for all these emotional upheavals, one that actually prevents them from finding an easy way around the anomalies. Kudos to the Poor, Stifled Writers.

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