In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I

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Best. Episode. Ever.
Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a lovin' night.

We open with Bozeman, Montana on April 5, 2063. Yes, it's the camp from First Contact. Yes, this is going to be awesome. Yes, I am Keckler, and no, aliens have not taken over my body. Unless you count Spock, in which case it's really none of your business, actually. The Vulcan ship lands and the people push forward. According to Mike Sussman's podcast, everything with the bearded guy is new footage and they shot it on film to match all the First Contact clips. They had to rebuild part of the Vulcan ship so they could have new shots of it in the background. The First Contact theme swells, Zephram Cochran steps forward, and Dr. Mathra and I get all choked up. First Contact is probably my favorite TNG movie. The First Vulcan throws back his hood and salutes. Zephram can't get his drunk fingers to return the salute and, instead of him shaking the Vulcan's hand as he did in the movie, we cut to a shot of "Zephram" sticking his hand into his coat, pulling out a gun, and shooting the "First Vulcan." The shot shows only arm and chest. No face. The bearded guy also pulls out a gun, bellowing, "Board their ship! Take everything you can!" Other Montanans pull guns and storm the Vulcan ship, shooting all the way. Damn. Not since "Twilight" have we rewound the opening so many times.

I had snark ALL ready to take the place of "Faith" this week, but in the Mirror Universe, there is NO FAITH! Instead, we get a creepy, menacing, militant orchestral theme with shots of war and destruction. The white show title darkens to black. It's easy but I love it. They keep a few clips of the original credits sequence, but the man on the moon is dressed in a copper EV suit and the flag he plants is the sword through the Earth symbol of the Terran Empire on a blood-red field. It's sort of fake-looking but I DON'T CARE! They take the original shot of Enterprise soaring over us and have it firing on the planet below. A choir comes in to do that effectively creepy "Ah! Ah! Ah!" as we see some shots that are probably from past episodes, but I really don't want to ruin the magic by dissecting them. The opening credits end with the glowy red Terran Empire symbol flying up to the center of the screen. The red glow is very TOS and very nice. We rewound this sequence several times as well. Never done that before. You know, given that Bermaga's names appear on either side of the Terran Empire symbol, it's almost like they are the evil empire.

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