In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I

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Best. Episode. Ever.

Enterprise. Decon. Theo chitters. Phlevil glares into the chamber and says, "Naptime isn't over yet." He stabs at some controls and floods the chamber with something.

She-Ho picks up a transmission emitting from Decon. Over the high-pitched squeal of Theo's comm device, Phlevil reports that the sedative is no longer working. "Well then, kill him NOW!" Forrest orders. "With pleasure," Phlevil smiles. He lowers the temperature of the chamber. Theo skitters pathetically over on his arachnid-like legs and waves his segmented arms around. You know, I liked the effect when Theo first popped into view, but it's not so good the longer you look at it. Oh, well. Phlevil stares at Theo, enjoying his suffering. On the Bridge, She-Ho reports three ships moving their way. "Doctor!" Forrest bellows over the comm. "A few more seconds, Captain," Phlevil says, mashing his mouth around the words "Will you kindly DIE!" Theo melts down and finally explodes into shards. She-Ho announces that one of the Tholian ships is hailing them.

Defiant. Through the dim and scattered glow of the EV suits' headlamps, we can slowly see parts of the TOS bridge and it's a beautiful and campy sight. Evil Leaper find who he thinks is the captain. T'Pevil takes a scan and reports, "His neck is broken." Just as it was in "The Tholian Web"! Also JAIWITTW: the murdering redshirt lying on top of the captain. Same position and everything. Awesome. Evil Trinneevil thinks they can overload the reactor from there. Evil Leaper tells him to get started.

Enterprise. Hoshi says four more Tholian ships are approaching, and she can't contact Evil Leaper to tell them to abort the mission because the signals are jammed. A gorgeous prism-y Tholian ship fires. The web begins. It's woven incredibly fast, too. Remember in "The Tholian Web" when those two ships just crawled to spin the web? Well, that was only two ships, I think they've got about ten here. The web fills out, trapping Enterprise. It's a really cool effect. Enterprise can't fire out of the web, but the Tholians can and do fire into the web. She-Ho realizes the Tholians can see them. Forrest orders the cloak dropped and all power funneled to the engines but it's a no-go. They're stuck.

Defiant. Evil Trinneevil finally gets the power on and the Bridge comes to life, revealing all. Sussman says they wanted to make this a much longer take, spanning around the whole Bridge, but there was a continuity error with one of the turbolift doors so they had to cut it. I think it's too dark to see what the turbolift doors are doing, but I appreciate their attention to detail. From the outside, we see Defiant's engines come to life. God, I'm sorry, but that is just the loveliest thing I've seen in this series. Oh, and the loveliest thing I've heard on this series? The familiar ping-ping. T'Pevil looks into Spock's viewer and announces that Enterprise is under attack.

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