In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I

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Best. Episode. Ever.

Evil Leaper storms into the Brig and proceeds to have a paranoid freakout on Forrest. He thinks Forrest or Admiral Black's spy is responsible. Forrest isn't talking, so Evil Leaper does what Evil Leapers do in any universe -- he steps into the cell and throws Forrest around a bit. From the depths of a chokehold, Forrest gasps that She-Ho will never forgive Evil Leaper if he kills him. Evil Leaper throws Forrest against the wall and leaves the Brig.

In the evil Situation Room, Reedvil explains why he thinks Evil Trinneevil is technobabblely responsible for the sabotage.

Evil Trinneevil sizzles in the Agony Booth. That can't be good for his face. Evil Trinneevil continues to protest his innocence and threaten Reedvil's life. "I'd like to see you try," Reedvil says, amused. Because Admiral Black replaced Forrest's original engineer with Evil Trinneevil, Evil Leaper thinks Evil Trinneevil's a spy. Evil Trinneevil denies this and gets agonied some more. "Please, Captain, it wasn't me -- I've always been loyal to you!" Evil Trinneevil moans, panting on the Plexiglass. Trinneer does an awesome job in this scene. Evil Leaper starts to walk away but turns to Reedvil and snarls, "Break him!" Evil Trinneevil's screams follow him out the door. Sussman says this scene got very intense on set. I can well imagine -- look how Trinneer's fogging up the Plexiglass.

She-Ho and Evil Leaper are sweatily post-quoital. No, say it out loud. Go ahead. Get it now? Good. She-Ho plays with Evil Leaper's sweaty, fuzzy nipples and sighs that she hasn't had it that good in a long time. Evil Leaper moves around restlessly and asks if she transmitted the info to the Fleet Admiral. She did, and wonders what it was. "Insurance policy," Evil Leaper says, sitting up and pulling on his pants. She-Ho asks what's up. "Tucker's a competent engineer. If he wanted to damage the cloak, he would have done a much better job," Evil Leaper thinks out loud. "Well, it couldn't have been easy with T'Pevil looking over his shoulder," She-Ho supposes. Evil Leaper has a furrowstorm and goes to his computer. "Locate Commander T'Pevil," Evil Leaper instructs. "Unable to comply. Internal sensors are offline," the computer responds. The COMPUTER RESPONDS! Because of course they'd have that technology now! Cool. I wonder who did the voice -- it's a dude. Clearly not Majel Barrett. Or even Majevil Barrett. It finally sinks into Evil Leaper that the sensors were damaged by the overload. Evil Leaper orders She-Ho to stay there as he pulls on a shirt and grabs a gun. I was about to yum over the black shirt, but then I saw that it's more of an olive green stretchy thing with black horizontal stripes and decided that it looks more at home in a club. In SoMa. Called "Stud."

T'Pevil and her Vulcan entourage of two saunter down a corridor and bust Forrest out of the Brig. Barefooted Evil Leaper and his men are blasted at by the Vulcan Entourage. Evil Leaper ducks into a turbolift. T'Pevil tells Forrest that comms and sensors are disabled. "We'll take the Bridge first," Forrest says, taking a gun and leaving the Brig.

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