In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I

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Best. Episode. Ever.

Bridge. A few shots (don't know if they are "stun" or "kill") secure the Bridge. Forrest orders a course set out of Tholian space. T'Pevil can't alter their heading or get the ship to stop. Evil Leaper steps out of the turbolift, his hands raised. "Having trouble?" he asks. Forrest states that Evil Leaper did this. Duh, dude. "Auto-navigation can't be released until we've reached the coordinates I've set," Evil Leaper explains. Forrest appears to amp up his gun and orders Evil Leaper to restore the controls. Evil Leaper can't because they've been encrypted with a "random code," which will take T'Pevil days to decrypt. "We'll arrive at the coordinates long before then," Evil Leaper says, drawing his closed fist up to his chest and saluting. "Bridge is yourrrs, Captain!" he sort of arrghs and squints in an odd choice of delivery. I think Bakula was going for sarcasm but he ended up with pirate.

Evil Leaper pants and groans in the Agony Booth. The camera pans away to show Forrest entering the room, and even though Phlevil is no longer shocking him with anything, you can still hear Evil Leaper moaning and groaning. It kind of made me giggle. And also not too dissimilar to how he acted when he was subjected to Perma-Furrow. Phlevil marvels that Evil Leaper has spent ten whole hours in the booth. Because even in the Mirror Universe, Evil Leaper has to be a ROCK STAR! Shut up, Evil Leaper.

I want to take a moment to share the following Email That Made My Week:

"Hi Keckler/Stephanie,
Love your recaps of Enterprise. Reading the bit in the last one where "Quantum and Shrek do a penis dance" reminded me of a bit of trivia I keep forgetting to share with you, and considering the series is almost over... I've just finished a university course on identifying mammal, bird, reptile etc. bones. While looking at mammals, our prof mentioned that several species have a bone in their penis - those in the orders Primates, Pinnipedia (ex. walrus), Rodentia (squirrels), Insectivora (hedgehogs) and Carnivora. Fortunately not all species in each order have this bone - good thing too, or it would include humans. Besides the amusing acronym used to remember these orders (PRIC), she also told us the correct name for this bone - a baculum (pl. bacula). Maybe that explains something."

Yes, it explains a lot. Quantum is a penis bone.

Forrest orders Evil Leaper released and Reedvil brought into experience his own invention. From the floor, Evil Leaper tells Forrest just to shoot him already. Actually, I do recall that when you two were having your bit of tussle in the Brig, Forrest told you that if you let him out, he'd make sure you'd get a quick death. Well, you didn't let him out, so don't expect any favors now. Dipwad. Forrest admits that Fleet Admiral Gardiner received the information Evil Leaper sent him and ordered his release, as the Fleet Admiral found Evil Leaper's suggestion "intriguing." Forrest is pissed that they're being ordered to investigate Evil Leaper's theory and throws Evil Leaper around a bit, spitting that he's not ever going to forget Evil Leaper's betrayal.

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