In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II

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There Was an Evil Man Who Had An Evil Furrow

On the Bridge, T'Pevil secretly downloads important evil stuff from the ship's computer. Evil Leaper steps onto the Bridge and asks for a link to Admiral Gardiner, as well as to have T'Pevil escorted to the transporter room. As T'Pevil walks out, Evil Leaper steps in her path to tell her that her services are no longer required. May-Evil steps up to relieve T'Pevil of her weapon, communicator, and a few packets of Post-Its. A few hours later an evil email will be sent saying, "It is with mixed feelings that we say goodbye to Commander T'Pevil this afternoon. We thank Commander T'Pevil for her years of tireless service and we wish her well in her future endeavors." Admiral Gardiner gets on the viewscreen to bellow at Evil Leaper for demanding Starfleet's unconditional surrender. Evil Leaper sprawls a pat Kirk pose in his chair and suggests that Gardiner order his forces to stand down. "Starfleet can't afford to lose any more ships!" Evil Leaper grins, throwing his hands wide. I'll give Bakula this, he plays a good asshole. Gardiner bellows some more and hangs up on him.

The ship's comm system whee-HEES an old fashioned boatswain's whistle to call Phlevil to the Avenger for a medical emergency.

Once there, Phlevil realizes that T'Pevil and Soevil are just trying to get him to join their rebellion. He's a bit weirded out by the prospect and threatens to report both of them. T'Pevil whisper-freaks that Evil Leaper plans to kill the Emperor and take his place. Phlevil fence-sits until T'Pevil reminds him that if he saves the Emperor from Evil Leaper, he might get his own research facility with all the dead animals his tri-chambered heart desires. "Don't forget the fe-males," Soevil adds over T'Pevil's shoulder, waggling his eyebrows. We cut from the shot before we can see T'Pevil roll her eyes with the rest of us at Soevil's totally dorkish, but amusing, delivery. Phlevil seems to give in.

While prancing down a corridor and up to a turbolift, T'Pevil is taken into custody by She-Ho and her plus-one. She-Ho demands the schematics she downloaded. As T'Pevil repeats, "Schematics," the plus-one Uh-Oh relieves T'Pevil of her weapon. Uh, didn't Evil Leaper already do that about three minutes ago? So, what -- they took her weapons before she left Defiant but allowed her to rearm once she boarded Avenger? Forget the furrows, Evil Leaper's too stupid to be emperor. And there's a fight. And once T'Pevil dispatches the Uh-Oh, there's a girl-on-girl fight. Greaaat. I will say this, I love that when She-Ho got close enough with her ever-ready blade to slash T'Pevil's face, T'Pevil was bleeding green in the next shot. When She-Ho expresses delight over the woman-on-woman defense, T'Pevil snits, "I'm surprised you're not exhausted from all the beds you've jumped into recently." Well, with Evil Leaper, it's not exactly tiring, is it? I mean, you touch his thigh and the next minute he's crying. She-Ho gets back her own when T'Pevil REALLY fake struggles with She-Ho's arm as She-Ho says, "Commander Tucker told me I should give you a few pointers in that area." I'm sorry, but the day She-Ho or Hoshi gives pointers to T'Pol OR T'Pevil in the sex area is the day I strip down and run the Bay to Breakers. T'Pevil finally knocks She-Ho out, only to get shot in the back as she tries to run off.

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