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In the captain's Ready Room, Trip and Reed have a tête-à-tête about their mission to Vulcan. Reed isn't comfortable disobeying Starfleet; Trip tells him to stow it by saying he'll save him a seat at the court martial. So...they're supposedly not military, yet they can still be court-martialed? Stick to a story, people, and make it one or the other. Reed leaves as Soval enters, and he gives the Vulcan the hairy eyeball. Trip tells Soval that they need to get to the one Andorian who sort of trusts them some of the time. "Commander Shran," Soval reminds those of us who haven't been praying for Shran McCain's return to this series since last year. Soval thinks he has a way of getting in touch with him. Trip's pleased and, interestingly enough, doesn't act like a jackass and grill him on the specifics the way I think someone else I could mention would do. Soval observes that Reed seemed out of sorts, and Trip confides that some of the crew aren't exactly behind him in this trip to Andoria. "I have no doubt that Captain Quantum would pursue the same course of action," Soval observes. But he'd be doing it with more furrows.

The Geordi. T'Pol is still pederanting about contacting Enterprise, and Quantum says that the Dead Surak Scrolls might be the only thing to prevent a war between Andoria and Vulcan. T'Pol doesn't understand why there'd be war after the peace treaty. "Dub'ya was just stalling for time. He's been preparing a large scale attack ever since." Yeah, ever since his T'Pa was the subject of a foiled assassination plot. In fact some senators were quite shocked when Dub'ya said, "Fuck Shran. We're gonna take him out" so early in his administrationcy. And by the way, if my father ever has a problem with my constant swearing in these recaps, he should thank his party. The party of "fuck." T'Pol demands to know just how Quantum is such a goddamned know-it-all, and Quantum cites The Chuckling Vulcan's residual memories. Quantum and T'Pol argue a bit more over Quantum's assholish state of mind. Quantum insists that he's not possessed or delusional. Not...saying...anything. As Quantum continues to babble about the Dead Surak Scrolls, T'Pau interrupts him and tells him not to move. She gestures to a rock in front of them and says, "Gallicite deposits. Are you in possession of anything metallic?" Instead of handing over his skull, Quantum gives her a suspiciously Klingon-y bowie knife. T'Pau flings the knife at the rock and it gets electrified. "Thanks for the warning," Quantum furrows. Like, why didn't Syrran's memories or SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA warn you? Jackass.

Beige Coruscant. Col'n Pow'll announces that their patrols returned with eight Syrranites, and also with the news that Syrran is dead and there was a human among three more survivors. "Quantum," Dub'ya mutters. "They say he is carrying the Dead Surak Scrolls," Col'n Pow'll announces. Dub'ya pooh-poohs their existence. Col'n Pow'll argues. Dub'ya tells him that'll be all. Col'n Pow'll storms off. Dub'ya heads over to some guy sitting at a desk with no work in front of him, no computer, no papers -- he's just staring blankly ahead. He's kind of like Robin from The Apprentice. I'll bet it's not a real desk and he's not a real Vulcan. Dub'ya whispers in his ear to contact Major Talok to find the rest of the Syrrannites and eradicate them.

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