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Enterprise approaches a blue cloud. On the bridge, Soval asks Trip to open a channel. "To who?" Trip wonders. "The nebula," Soval duhs. Trip's expression is all, "Okay, Governor Moonbeam," before he nods at Hoshi. They get the nebula's answering machine, which says, "Hi, Nebula isn't home right now but if you leave a message after the moon, I'll get back to you as soon as a star explodes." Okay, maybe Soval just talks out into the void, saying he's looking for Shran McCain and that they've decrypted their security protocols, so they know they're hiding out there. No response. Trip tries telling the nebula that they've got information they might want to hear. Three Andorian ships sail into view, and Shran McCain appears on the viewscreen, snarking, "Commander Tucker, you have a poor choice of friends."

In the situation room, Shran McCain isn't disposed to believe Soval about the invasion, and says that the Vulcan leaders must know that Andoria will respond full force if attacked. "They were told you are adapting Xindi weaponry and that you're planning on using it against Vulcan," Soval says. Shran McCain screams over the absurdity and reminds us that Quantum destroyed the Xindi weapon before they could scan it. Soval says that Geo'ge Ten't conveniently left out that information. Shran McCain calls all Vulcans liars, and squalls that both their worlds will be destroyed if they get into an all-out war. Soval calmly tells him they came to warn the Andorians so that they can intercept the fleet. "You're betraying your own people by telling me this," Shran McCain squints. Soval is aware of that. He thinks that if the Vulcans are met with resistance, Dub'ya will have to call off the invasion. Shran McCain ponders and asks Trip if he believes Soval. Trip does. Shran McCain says he needs to consult with his superiors. Trip tells him to hurry up.

The Geordi. As Quantum lies collapsed in a corner somewhere, T'Pau and T'Pol discuss getting into the Emerald Blood City. "There's a security grid around the capital -- it's unlikely we'll get past it," T'Pol says. "We'll find a way. Surak will help us," T'Pau says calmly. I hate that kind of unruffled smugness. It's so FUCKING annoying and it just makes me want to shake her. T'Pau notes that T'Pol doesn't believe in the katra. T'Pol says it doesn't matter what she believes; the fact is, if they don't get Quantum to a doctor, he could be permanently damaged. T'Pau responds, "He doesn't need a doctor, he needs a priest." At this point the water bag drops out of Quantum's hand in the background, and they both rush to retrieve it. It was an odd bit of direction, I must say. It took several rewindings to figure out what exactly was falling over back there. T'Pol CRACK WHORES, "It's irrational that we're following someone in his state of mind!" Honey, that's what I've been saying for FOUR YEARS! "What if he dies before we can get help?" T'Pol spits out. T'Pau stares at her. T'Pol apologizes that her mother's death has affected her more than she realized. Yeah, affected you like CRACK. T'Pau agrees that her mother was singular, and says that even though they didn't always agree, she valued her counsel. "I could allow you to experience what she shared with me," T'Pau says. So does everyone just run around mind-melding with everyone in their social circle? T'Pol doesn't say that she never chose to meld with her mother. Instead she says that she can't meld. T'Pau hastens to add that she will guide her through the first tender steps. T'Pol cops to being meld-forced in the past and as a result has contracted a disease. "Pa'nar Syndrome," T'Pau intones. "Do you still suffer from it?" T'Pol says there is no cure. "Another lie perpetrated by the High Command. Pa'nar has been known since Surak's time. It's caused by melders, who have been improperly trained. One with great experience can correct the neurological imbalance." Which, of course, is her. She places her hands on T'Pol's face, who arches her back in response as T'Pau cleans up her mental herpes and throws in an orgasm for free.

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