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Shran McCain's ship. An Andorian comms Shran McCain that they've got a lock on Soval and can beam him over without Enterprise detecting it. Shran tells her to go ahead. Soval is beamed into a clinical-looking chair and flutters his hands around. Shran pulls a phaser on him and welcomes him aboard.

After the commercials, Shran McCain says he's sticking him in the Aurora chair because he doesn't believe the Vulcan fleet is where Soval said it was. The chair secures Soval with a rollercoaster seat belt and Soval says, "You must know torture is rarely effective with Vulcans. Our mental disciplines allow us to suppress pain." Shran McCain responds that their security division has had a long time to develop this new technology: "This machine doesn't cause physical discomfort -- it uses a neuro-synaptic field to lower your emotional threshold." Soval looks very worried. A light goes on over Soval's head, accompanied by a high whine. "How do you feel?" Shran McCain asks. And remember this is for posterity, so be honest. You know, I think that's the second time I've worked that in this season. How dull I'm getting. Soval just gasps and shudders. Shran makes with the threats about how some Vulcan operatives who underwent this procedure were never quite the same, and he begs Soval not to make him do that to him. Soval insists that their ships are where he said they were. Shran ups the PMS. Soval shouts for Shran to keep increasing the setting and get the whole thing over with. Shran complies. Soval screams and gets cramps.

Enterprise. The crew has noticed that Soval has gone missing. Trip tries and fails to comm the Vulcan ex-ambassador. "Internal sensors -- scan for his bio-signs," Trip orders Reed. Do you want to tell me why didn't they do that as soon as they discovered him to be missing? Idiots. Of course they don't find Soval. Trip gets a put-upon tone in his voice and sighs, "Scan the Andorian ships." Hee. Reed finds a Vulcan signature on the lead ship. Trip orders tactical alert and yells at Shran over the comm. The Andorians respond by moving into the nebula. Enterprise targets one of their ships and tries to disable the engines. I don't think it works, because the ship keeps on moving. Enterprise follows and loses its sensors because of the particle flux in the nebula. Trip takes off to Engineering to compensate for the particle flux, which will take a few hours.

The Geordi. T'Pol insists that the sweating and panting Quantum needs to rest. Quantum ignores this. T'Pol tells him he'll collapse. "If you need a break, T'Pol, you should just say so," Quantum sneers. I don't care if you're the friggin' Messiah, hate you. T'Pol drops her backpack, and T'Pau goes scouting. T'Pol wonders if Quantum has had any more conversations with SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA. The way she asks the questions is of one tolerating a particularly insane uncle who needs people to come around and sit with him while he takes things in water every few hours. And if he wants to perch on the picture rail because he suddenly fancies himself a partridge, so be it. Quantum says hasn't heard from SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA in a few hours. Quantum chuckles, "Of all the people who could've carried this katra." T'Pol snaps, "I doubt you were The Chuckling Vulcan's first choice." Quantum ignores this, because he's a jackass, and says, "Ever since the meld, I've felt more...centered. It's hard to explain. My whole life, I've never really understood Vulcans -- why they work so hard to suppress their emotions. Now it all seems to make sense. Next thing you know I'll be taking up meditation." He's really not very sincere in his delivery. Jackass, jackass, JACKASS! I mean, way to make light of the Vulcan religion! T'Pol comments that he might find meditation beneficial. At the very least, it might finally clear up those furrows. "And when we get back, you might want to take a closer look at the Syrrannite philosophy," Quantum condescends. Oh, so now he's trying to teach her how to be a Vulcan? Look, we all might think she needs schooling in that department but not from this jackass. No way. Quantum does some more obnoxious arguing for The True Way and says that as a scientist, it should interest her. T'Pol leaps to her feet and CRACK WHORES, "This has nothing to do with science!" T'Pau arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Quantum looks at both of them wisely and calmly. Shut up, Quantum. "No," T'Pol grits, picks up her pack, and walks out. Quantum sits for a moment and then smirks to himself before following them. Prick. You know, I liked you better when you were playing a presidential assassin.

Aurora chair. More torture. More screaming. Shran McCain admits that he doesn't like having to do this to Soval, as he came to trust him during their treaty negotiations, but he must know where their fleet is. Soval screams that he's going to tear Shran's antennae clear off his head. Is he then going to piss down his dead skull? "You would never betray your people!" Shran yells. "I'm trying to SAVE THEM!" Soval yells back, and struggles under the restraints. "Where is YOUR FLEET?!" Shran bellows. Soval stops struggling and asks Shran, "Do you know the story of Nirak?" Combs is hysterical here, he squints and takes a step back as he hisses, "WHAT?" like he's convinced Soval is now totally insane. Soval tells a story about this Nirak guy, who was a soldier a long time ago. He was standing watch over the gates of the city of Gol and saw a big cloud approaching. He thought it was a sandstorm, so he didn't raise the alarm. Turns out it was actually an army and all Gol in Caesar was destroyed. The army let Nirok live, and now his name means "fool" in Vulcan. "Just as yours will in Andorian!" Soval finishes his fairy tale. Shran McCain gets angry and ups the setting. Soval starts to retain water and get irritable.

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