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Enterprise. Reed still doesn't think they're doing the right thing. Before Trip can respond, Hoshi announces that the Vulcan fleet will be arriving in a few hours. Shran McCain comms them to say that the rest of the Andorian fleet won't arrive in time, so they're on their own. Now, I call that a tactical fuck-up on the part of the Andorians. Why didn't Shran and Enterprise wait until they and the Andorian fleet could arrive at Vulcan at the same time? It's not like the Vulcans were about to attack that day.

The Geordi. T'Pau explains to Quantum -- who should have gotten this information from SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA if you want my honest opinion -- that the Dead Surak Scrolls will stop a war, because Dub'ya can't govern without approval from the rest of the Council. Apparently, something within the Dead Surak Scrolls could make the Council reconsider their support. Still don't see how that works, but then again, I don't have a dead Vulcan rattling around in my brain. Quantum and T'Pau stand on some rocks and look down at the Emerald Blood City. Quantum doesn't suppose they can just walk into the High Command. "We can transport in but we'll need access codes," T'Pau offers. Quantum looks at T'Pau and says, "I know someone who might have them." Okay, if it's either SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA or The Chuckling Vulcan, then these Vulcans have even more security breaches than I previously thought and shouldn't be invading anyone. Oh, wait.

The Vulcan fleet flies and powers up weapons. The Andorians power up as well. Trip tells May-Milli to put them between both fleets. "If the Vulcans wanna start a war, they're going to have to git through us first." Reed looks disapproving. Shut up, Reed. Shran gets on the horn to yell at Trip to get back in formation, which makes me giggle as I imagine the Andorians and Enterprise in a marching band with Shran as the majorette and Trip as a flag twirler with little booties. Trip yells back that he's buying them time.

Beige Coruscant. Col'n Pow'll announces that the Andorians have more ships on their way. "They won't arrive for several hours," Dub'ya says. "You told us this strike would be a surprise -- that there would be minimal casualties on both sides. The Andorians are armed with standard particle canons -- there is no evidence of Xindi technology! Not only that but you don't have a viable exit strategy -- if you broke it, you bought it!" Col'n Pow'll says most of that, and insists they call off the attack. "Our forces are committed, we can't turn back," Dub'ya argues. The Vulcans get word that they are being hailed by Enterprise. Dub'ya nods to put it through and then cracks me up by rolling his eyes when he hears it's Trip. Trip tells Dub'ya that the Andorians know what they're planning, and suggests they turn their ships around. Dub'ya tells them to take a hike. Trip won't, saying that the Andorians helped them when Earth was under attack and they're returning the favor. Dub'ya says they'll be fired upon if they stay. Trip says he's already sent word to Starfleet about what they are doing, so if Enterprise is destroyed, they'll know who's responsible. Dub'ya hangs up on them and orders his ship to engage the enemy fleet. Col'n Pow'll says he can't allow this. Dub'ya has a subcommander pull a weapon on Col'n and says, "If you attempt to interfere again, I'll have you arrested." And then get replaced by someone who mistakenly refers to Dub'ya as her husband at cocktail parties. Twice in the same night.

Enterprise. Reed announces that the Vulcans are locking weapons on the Andorians. Trip tells him to standby with weapons. Enterprise flies through the green and blue crossfire, and it totally reminds me of that scene in the beginning of Star Wars when C3PO and R2D2 just walk down the corridors as the Imperial Guard and the Rebel Alliance fight. Enterprise takes a hit by a Vulcan weapon. Hoshi announces that an Andorian ship is in trouble and a Vulcan cruiser is closing in. Trip orders Reed to "see if [he] can get their attention."

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