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High Command. Dub'ya gets the report that Enterprise has opened fire on them. "Destroy them," Dub'ya says calmly. Enterprise is attacked and can't even dent the Vulcan cruiser's shields. Suddenly, an Andorian ship comes to the rescue. Shran comes on the viewscreen and shouts amid explosions on his ship, "Tell Quantum that's TWO his owes me!" Wait, what about the fact that Enterprise just went to the aid of a vulnerable Andorian ship, and the fact that Enterprise warned the entire Andorian race about this Vulcan threat? I'd say they're about even now. Trip just nods ruefully, because sadly, he's still not very bright.

High Command. Two cloaked Jedi masters walk in with their heads bowed. As T'Pau and Quantum throw back their hoods to reveal themselves, Col'n Pow'll takes the opportunity to administer the Vulcan neck pinch on the subcommander who has a weapon on him. He grabs the gun and orders everyone to stay where they are. Quantum says they need to talk. Dub'ya natters on that T'Pau is a lying anarchist. "T'Pau didn't bomb our embassy, you did," Quantum says. Quantum goes on that the bombing was an excuse to round up the Syrrannites so they wouldn't find the Dead Surak Scrolls, which Quantum places on the table. "Is that --?" Col'n Pow'll breathes in awe. T'Pau nods. Dub'ya hisses, "The Dead Surak Scrolls are a myth!" Yeah, well, this myth is looking right back at ya, Shrub. Quantum touches the Dead Surak Scrolls in their secret places. The Dead Surak Scrolls respond by projecting Surak's writings in green holographic forms and suddenly we're in a scene from A Beautiful Mind. Not that I saw that piece of crap, but I saw the previews.

Enterprise takes on a lot of damage, and Shran can't help them, as the Vulcans are keeping him busy.

Dub'ya calls the Dead Surak Scrolls "holographic trickery" but Col'n Pow'll says they have to examine the artifact in detail. "No!" Dub'ya says. "Quantum dating will confirm it's from the time of Surak," T'Pau says. You know, in this case, good ol' carbon dating would work just fine since it's only from two thousand years ago. I think they just like to say "quantum dating." Dub'ya rants. "The Dead Surak Scrolls will show us our True Path," T'Pau says calmly. This enrages Dub'ya. I don't think he's been doing his meditations lately. "It must be destroyed!" Dub'ya lunges at the Dead Surak Scrolls but a blast of green fire drops him. At first I thought the shot came from the Dead Surak Scrolls and I was all, "Cool, it can defend itself!" but then I saw it came from Col'n Pow'll's phaser and I was sad. Col'n Pow'll comms someone to get him the fleet commander immediately.

Enterprise is in serious trouble. May-Vanilli loses helm control and they start venting atmosphere. Suddenly, the shooting stops. All is quiet. Reed announces that the Vulcan ships are withdrawing. Trip gets a comm from the High Command. "Trip -- is everything all right?" Quantum asks. "More or less," Trip shrugs, looking really confused. "What's goin' on Cap'n?" "There've been a few changes here. Get back to Vulcan as soon as you can," is all Quantum says. I'm sorry, but if I were Trip I'd be like: "No, fuck you: we're venting atmosphere, we almost died, so you're going to just sit there and tells us what's going on RIGHT NOW!"

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