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Vulcan. Quantum is sadly back to being captain, and he blogs that Dub'ya has been impeached and his role in the bombing is being investigated. For the moment, the conflict between the Andorians and the Vulcans appears to have been averted.

Captain's Ready Room. Frank Lloyd Vulcan enters, and T'Pol tells him that Quantum wanted her to thank him for handing over his transporter access codes. You know, if he was really grateful, you would've thought Quantum could have thanked the guy in person. Whatever. Frank Lloyd Vulcan releases T'Pol from their marriage. T'Pol sort of protests, but really CRACK WHORES more than anything. Frank Lloyd Vulcan bids her adieu. T'Pol's eyes fill with CRACK WHORES.

Vulcan. A priest melds with Quantum and intones, "The katra is with me now." That is one creepy-looking dude. I mean, if that's a priest, I wouldn't go to church much. He sort of looks like Reggie Nalder, who was the assassin in The Man Who Knew Too Much as well as the real Andorian in "Journey to Babel." Sort of an interesting choice. Col'n Pow'll asks how Quantum feels. Thankfully, Quantum doesn't say that he doesn't understand the question, and instead says he feels like a giant weight has been lifted from him. "Word has already spread of the discovery," T'Pau says. Well, I'd hope so -- don't they have VNN? I assume the opening of the Dead Surak Scrolls was the most T'vo'd moment in Vulcan history. Col'n Pow'll says that the people of Vulcan are in his debt. What about Trip's debt? He played a major role in this, too! Quantum got to walk around acting insufferable, self-satisfied, and know-it-all, and he gets a planet full of grateful people. Trip just gets demoted. That's annoying. Col'n Pow'll holds up his hands in the Vulcan salute and says, "Peace and long life." Quantum salutes silently back. Co'ln Pow'll nods satisfied, smiles (SMILES?!), and leaves. As Soval looks on, T'Pau says he might be witnessing the start of a new era for Vulcan as well as Earth. Soval explains that Col'n Pow'll as Administrator plans to allow Earth to do what it wants in space: "The High Command will be dissolved." "You'll no longer have us looking over your shoulder -- it's time for Earth to stand on its own," T'Pau adds. "We're ready," Quantum grimaces.

In the Geordi, Dub'ya walks in dark caverns and accuses a shadowy figure of failing. "Am I to be blamed for your incompetence?" a voice suspiciously like Shower Guy's says. Dub'ya says that Quantum was supposed to be killed. Shadow says that it's all Dub'ya's fault and now he has to leave Vulcan. "What about me?" Dub'ya demands. "Not now, your disappearance would cause suspicion," Shadow says. "This is simply a minor delay," Shadow continues as he walks into the light and shows off his Evil Fashion Romulan's ugly attire. "The reunification of our people is only a matter of time," Shadow the Romulan says as we catch full sight of his brow ridges. Quantum's going to get furrow-envy, and I hate to burst your bubble, big guy, but two hundred years later, reunification still hasn't happened.

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