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Starship Mine

Bridge. T'Pol tries without success to comm Quantum. "Maybe their transmitters were knocked out in the blast," Trip offers. May-waste announces that he sees them and gives the coordinates. T'Pol leans over the ensign and orders Trip to open the launchbay doors. "The Romulans are locking weapons," Trip announces. T'Pol comms Phlox and tells him to get his butt to the launchbay. "They're targeting our engines," Trip updates. "A hundred meters more," May-waste reports, "Fifty...I've got them -- sealing launchbay doors." "Go to warp, Ensign," T'Pol commands.

Enterprise takes off as the two Romulan ships watch.

Shuttlebay. Panting, Quantum removes Reed's helmet and asks if he's all right. "No, he's got a spike through his leg and he's covered in pee!" Mathra reminds Quantum. Lying on the floor, Reed pants back, "All things considered. If I may say so, sir, your style of command does have its advantages." Quantum chuckles and asks, "So, how long was it?" He raises Reed to a semi-recumbent position. "I counted ten seconds," Reed wheezes. "Ten?! It was more like twenty," Quantum says. "Respectfully, sir, it was ten," Reed corrects him. "I'm not going to argue with you, Malcolm," Quantum says. Reed looks satisfied. "It was twenty. That's an order," Quantum says, finally. Oh, look at them -- they found their cracker-barrel! T'Pol, Phlox and Trip rush in and help to administer Malcolm's EV suited-leg. I hope someone brought Bounty because it's the quicker picker-upper. "Get him to Pee Decon, STAT!" Mathra orders.

Next week: Enterprise needs a Band-Aid and a kiss to make it all better and Malcolm sleeps on plastic sheets.

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