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Starship Mine
In an overly-involved scene -- considering this isn't the first, second, or even third time we've seen a member of the crew suit up in the EV suits -- Reed gets dressed and floats up to take a walk around the block. He comms the Bridge that he's on his way out, asking, "Wish me luck." Sadly? No one does. Nice Captain he's got there.

Bridge. T'Pol detects something in the technobabble located in the techno-point-babble-babble. Quantum looks at the viewscreen, and, one by one, a bunch of TNT Hamster Balls are uncloaked. It seems to be a field of mines. On the outer hull, Reed takes heavy steps toward his personal TNT Hamster Ball and sets his magnetized briefcase down. He reports back to the Bridge, "Its surface is pockmarked." Probably from spending too much time on the ER set. Reed examines the mine some more and reports that it has magnetic spikes that have locked onto the hull. "Stand by, I'm going to run an internal scan," Reed reports. Reed scans and reports, "It looks like the mine doesn't think it's hit anything." "I think that's how a lot of channel surfers feel as they pass by UPN," Mathra comments nastily. Reed says he's going to remove an access panel and look inside. Trip, looking like he's been Chim Chiminy Cheree-ing, steps onto the Bridge and tells him the damage is pretty bad. "I got wun peece of gewd news. Did a head count -- we dinnit lose anywun," Trip says. Quantum doesn't look as thrilled as he should when hearing this piece of gewd news. He confesses to Trip his lack of confidence in Reed's ability to disarm the Hamster Ball, and asks if they can just set that piece of hull plating free in space. Sure, then it can come back as some sort of self-aware space trash named E'rise. Did we learn nothing from that travesty? Trip technobabbles over this proposition and the end result is that they can do it, but it's really not advisable. Quantum orders him to get the team started on it and he'll consider it as a last ditch solution. Which means it's definitely going to happen in the last five minutes of the episode. Reed continues tinkering with the Hamster Ball and a green ship materializes. "Captain -- " Reed warns. "We see it, Malcolm," Quantum says, tacking on the Furrowed Brow of What a Revolting Development This Has Turned Out to Be.

I think I'm getting wimpy in my old age, because not only did the Reavers give me bad dreams for three nights, but Haunted is scaring me simply by showing commercials. Actually, it has nothing to do with old age -- I've always been a wimp.

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