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Starship Mine
Ship. Trip and T'Pol march to meet Quantum in the airlock. "How close is your team to finishing?" Quantum demands as Trip helps him off with his helmet. "They're down to the last few couplings -- what's goin' on out there?" Trip asks. Quantum tells them they're going to detach the plating. Trip looks horrified. "I'm sure you did everything you could, Captain," T'Pol assures him. "I'm going with him," Quantum states. And wants to know if a shuttle-pod hatch can withstand a quarter-kiloton blast. "Depends on how close it wuz," Trip says. "Twenty meters, maybe twenty-five," Quantum estimates. Trip tells them they're enforced with a technobabble alloy, "They kin take a helluva beating -- what you got in mind?" "I need two shuttlepod hatches -- have them brought up here on the double," Quantum orders. "Sir?" Trip stutters. "On the double!" Quantum repeats. "Captain," T'Pol starts as she helps with more helmet unhookage, "I assume there's no point in questioning your plan." Quantum gives her A Look and walks off. T'Pol stands there.

Enterprise flies by and shows the nasty gash in her side. Nice graphics. Situation room. Trip and T'Pol mess with things and T'Pol comms Quantum that they're ready to go. On the hull, Quantum looks at Reed, who is still alive. What stopped Reed from letting the rest of his oxygen go when the captain was putzing around on the ship? "See you soon," Quantum comms. "Hang on, fellas," Trip mutters. There's some preliminary noise. Which I can't hear since it's space, and the hull detaches. At the detach point, the coding "V070-39-89761 *1034.MN HULL" can be seen -- if anyone is freak enough to care. In some awesome effects, the portion of the hull floats above and away from the ship. When they show a shot of Quantum looking down on Enterprise, you can see the missing piece on the hull. I love their graphics department when they don't try to do regular stuff -- like libraries.

Bridge. "Six hundred meters," May-waste calls out. "Another hunnerd outta do it," Trip says. Two Romulan ships phase into view. "Subcommander!" May-waste calls. "Hail them," T'Pol commands. No response. I think they're screening their calls. There's some beeping, and Trip reports that the ships are charging their weapons. "Polarize the hull plating," T'Pol orders. "I'll do what I can but keep in mind, we're missing some of it," Trip warns.

Detached hull. Quantum cuts through the spike that made the Reed Kabob. "It's rearming!" Reed calls. Quantum finishes his job and says, "That's it -- let's go!" Quantum helps Reed to his feet, and Reed picks up one of the shuttlepod hatches. Quantum pushes him off. Reed activates some Rocketeer device and jets away from the mine. The mine keeps beeping. Quantum picks up his shuttlepod hatch and leaps away from the hull plating. If everybody had a hatch-door, across the U.S.A., then everybody'd be hatching, like Enterprise -- I-A. We'd see them wearing their spacesuits, bubble helmets, too. Everybody's gone hatching -- hatching U.S.A! Quantum and Reed float away. "Now, Malcolm!" Quantum orders. The two of them swing their hatchdoors around as blockers as the mine explodes, sending them to catch a curl. If Reed hadn't already peed himself, he did now.

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