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Blazing Furrows

Enterprise. Quantum must've leased his WOTWW to Homespun, because she's standing in front of it, contemplating the weight of her world as she looks down on it. Quantum points out her town and asks how she's feeling. She's impressed that there isn't a scar. "Dr. Phlox does excellent work," Quantum says. Oh, please don't kiss her. "You must think we're barbaric," Homespun says. "All the things humanity's accomplished -- building ships like this, travelling to other worlds -- and we're still down there shooting each other." Quantum tells her that progress and evolution take time. Please don't kiss her. "But it was progress all the same -- you've managed to change and we haven't," Homespun says. Yeah, why is that, exactly? Is it the air? The produce? The Ben Affleck movies -- what? Wait, scratch that last one, that doesn't exactly fall under the realm of progress. "Even if you could take us back, I don't think we're ready," Homespun says. Quantum says it will be awhile before they can start sending ships there and that by the time they arrive, he's guessing things will have changed. What sort of timeframe is he thinking about, because I don't things will really change in a matter of months -- it's going to take them years. Homespun thinks he's giving them too much credit, but Quantum says he spoke with Sheriff John Brown and that he's going to start repealing some laws. Homespun looks beatific. I'm just glad he didn't kiss her.

Enterprise leaves.

O.K. Corral School House Rock. Homespun teaches, "Before people could travel through space to other planets, they had to git off the ground first. Almost forty years after my human ancestors left Earth, two brothers from Ohio became the first human beings to build a successful flying machine. Their names were Orville and Wilbur Wright." As Sheriff John Brown takes off his hat and observes the class, Homespun shows the kids pictures of the Wright Brothers. I wonder if she's just showing them the Ohio quarter.

Next week: Trip supposedly gets buried in a sunglasses case after kissing T'Pol and having a baby. Guess what he died of? November sweeps. You know what's going to bug me about that episode -- I mean, besides the fact that it's fake? Quantum doesn't even seem to be that sad! Kirk was all wobbly-voiced when he said "the most h-u-u-man," but Quantum's just stony-furrowed as usual, with nothing in his voice that hints he's doing anything other than reading a piece of paper with a shopping list on the back of it. And you know what else? That's just typical Bermaga -- I start liking the chump, and they kill him off.

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