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Blazing Furrows

Quantum comms Enterprise for info. They don't really have any yet. Quantum tells him he'll meet them at the landing coordinates in an hour, because there's something he has to do first.

Deputy Ass Hat is staring creepily into the cell at Homespun. There's a banging at the door, and he turns away and buttons up his vest. Okay, what are we supposed to take away from that? He raped her? Quantum's the one banging on the door, and when Deputy Ass Hat opens it, Quantum says, "I was on my way outta town and I realized I forgot something." He slugs Deputy Ass Hat but good. Deputy Ass Hat goes down like an asshat, and Quantum grabs the keys and the asshat's gun. Homespun tries to play the whole "what are you doing?" game, but Quantum gets her out of the cell and drags Deputy Ass Hat into it. Quantum tells Homespun that she can go on the lam to other settlements who need readin', writin', and 'rithmatic. They leave.

Some time later, the sheriff pays a visit to his office and sees Deputy Ass Hat hanging onto the bars and coughing. He tells him it was Quantum. Sheriff John Brown lets him out and tells him to git his Ass Posse. Quantum and Homespun come careening down the main -- or possibly only -- drag in a carriage with two horses. They bypass the sheriff but in a typical (and impressive) Western shot; Deputy Ass Hat slow-mos his gun out of his holster, and while grinning, takes aim and shoots. Homespun flies out of the carriage. Quantum "ho there"s the horses and jumps down next to her. Sheriff John Brown looks upset and glares at Deputy Ass Hat, who grins and looks cocky. Quantum gathers up Homespun and whips out his communicator: "Look the transporter onto my position -- there're two of us!" Deputy Ass Hat yells, "Drop that, whatever it is!" It's a multiplication table. Quantum and Homespun disappear before their very eyes. Deputy Ass Hat goes to kick the dirt where they once were to make sure they aren't hiding under a pebble.

Sickbay. Phlox, in his grey coverall operating suit, checks Homespun's vitals. T'Pol asks if anyone saw them transport, but Quantum retorts that he didn't really have time to care. T'Pol reminds him that the people they're dealing with are volatile and suspicious, so their disappearance may have consequences. Duh, honey. Phlox gestures with a pair of forceps that he's removed the "projectile," but Homespun's wounds are still extensive. He thinks she'll make it, but there are a few things about her physiology that he doesn't understand. Turns out Homespun is one-quarter Skagaran.

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