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Blazing Furrows

In his office, Quantum gives the sheriff the lowdown. "And you were born there?" the sheriff asks. "I was born in upstate New York," Quantum tells him. "I spent most of my adult life in San Francisco, though." Yes, the best city in the world. Quantum asks Sheriff John Brown if he's ever heard of San Francisco. "Pacific Coast," the sheriff supplies. "Why didn't you tell us who you were?" Quantum says, "We weren't sure how you'd react. We wanted to get the lay of the land first." And now she's wounded in Sickbay. But seriously, what drew Enterprise to this planet in the first place? Sheriff John Brown says he doesn't blame him, and adds that part of him never believed Earth ever existed and that people made it up because they couldn't stand living there. "You takin' us back?" the sheriff asks. Quantum says they can't, but that someday they'll come back for them. Mark your calendars -- that will be exactly three and a half days from never. Quantum warns the sheriff that Earth has changed a lot since his time, and that they've now gotten past things like intolerance and prejudice. "The Skagarans enslaved my ancestors, Captain," Sheriff John Brown reminds him. Quantum tells him he has to get over it.

Outside, Reed's getting restless over how long the captain's been gone. T'Pol tells him to chill.

Inside the Sheriff's Office, Quantum lectures the sheriff that if he ever goes back to Earth, he'll have to leave all his resentments behind. I think it's a little simplistic to deliver a speech like that and expect that it would be that effortless for Sheriff John Brown and his people to go to Earth and adapt to a life and society that is nearly three centuries beyond their current mindset. I agree that they have to get past their prejudices, but I think it's unfair for Quantum to take the standpoint that it has to happen instantly and now. It's easy to speak from the cushy height of the Pillow of Enlightenment when you've presumably seen your world through several wars and atrocities. Or at least read about them your entire life.

Quantum and Sheriff John Brown leave the office, and the sheriff tells the crowd that Quantum and Qrew aren't going to hurt anyone. Quantum introduces the sheriff to T'Pol and says what planet she's from. In response, T'Pol tells them that Homespun is doing better. "Good," Quantum says. "I thought we'd bring Mr. --" He's interrupted by gunshots. The sheriff is hit. People scatter. Reed squats into an aiming position. Quantum walks forward and sees Ass Hat on a balcony with a rifle. Quantum tries to talk to him, but Ass Hat says he was never one for talking. The Ass Posse surrounds them. I think it's a bit unfair that no one said, "Now...draw!"

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