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Night of the Living Dread

Quantum's Ready Room. Odo pays the captain a visit and tells him that Trip is "a very plain-spoken man." Quantum snarks, "That's one way of putting it." Odo muses a bit and tells Quantum that he never kept any secrets from his daughter, she was well aware that there were worlds beyond their "little oasis." And we have episode title. Odo goes on that Bug-Eyed never expressed any desire to leave their home. "Now your engineer thinks we should just pack up and go. Twenty-two years, Captain. I've lived here for twenty-two years. And that ship down there may seem like nothing more than spare parts to you, but to me, it's home. I don't want to leave. I'm happy here. Comfortable," Odo says, showing how well Rene Auberjonois can act. Quantum nods. "But Mr. Tucker wants me to believe that I'm being selfish. He says now that I have the opportunity to leave, I should, that Liana deserves more," Odo says, walking around the room. Still Quantum manages to hold his tongue. Masterful self-control. I wouldn't have thought he had it in him. Odo concedes that he thinks it's time he stopped being afraid of change, and asks Quantum to help him take his daughter home. "We'll stay as long as it takes to get your ship flying," Quantum promises. "Thank you, Captain, but all we need are these components," Odo says, handing over an e-pad. "I've got my own crew to do the work. Some of them are pretty fair engineers. I saw to that." Odo smiles sadly.

Onesies' ship. Onesies run around fixing the ship. A particularly corpulent Onesie walks by. Man, you'd think Odo could have programmed him a little slimmer, or maybe with more complimentary clothes? Yellow is all wrong for his figure. I wonder how they feel about going from being programmed to resist all ideas of changing their situation to now suddenly getting the ship ready to leave the planet. Definitely deep, dark holographic rights being exploited here. EMH would have a field day. Also, kind of creepy for the non-holographic humans, who are really unused to holographic anything, to be working alongside them. Trip delivers a protein resequencer to Bug-Eyed. "I figured you must be tired of eating the same food all the time. I programmed it for makin' ice cream -- only five flavors, but they're good ones," Trip tells her. "Rocky Road?" Bug-Eyed asks. "You dinnit think I'd send you off without Rocky Road?" Trip asks. Bug-Eyed thanks him, and Trip asks if they're sure they don't want Enterprise hanging around a little longer. "You've got more places to go," Bug-Eyed tells him. "So do you," Trip says. They smooch. I really hope he remembered to pop his Ortho Tricyclen today. "Maybe I'll see yuh out there," Trip says in her ear. "I'd like that," Bug-Eyed simps. They grin ridiculously at each other. Yep, we're never seeing her or her kind again.

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