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Night of the Living Dread

Bug-Eyed arrives with a tray of food and asks if she's interrupting anything. "Not at all. Commander Tucker and I were just discussing his previous...repair experience," T'Pol tells her. Bug-Eyed offers T'Pol some sustenance, which T'Pol refuses; she leaves the room to continue with her work. Bug-Eyed timidly walks over to Trip and asks if he's hungry. Trip thanks her, and she sets the food down. It looks like a gourd with the top sliced off. Trip starts eating tentatively. "Mmm, it's delicious, what is it?" he asks. Bug-Eyed tells him it's "lorella," grown in their airponics bay since nothing will grow outside. Trip comments that he's surprised they were able to survive. Bug-Eyed watches him eat until he asks, "Why do I feel like it's feeding time at the zoo?" Bug-Eyed gets even more so and says she didn't mean to be rude. She sits down, and Trip tells her he wished more women paid attention to him that way. Bug-Eyed bugs out some more and asks, "Do you know a lot of women?" Trip says, "Well, nearly a third of the crew is female." Bug-Eyed asks if he knows a lot of women on his home planet. "I've got lady friends back there ['Lady friends'? What is this? Petticoat Junction?], but nobody special, if that's what you mean. Not anymore. What about your world?" Trip asks. Bug-Eyed wants to know what about it. Trip points out that she'll be going home soon to see her friends, and she must be excited at the prospect. Bug-Eyed doesn't say anything. Odo, C.C. Capwell, and another random Onesie interrupt their tête-à-tête. "I hear you've been making progress," C.C. Capwell says. Trip tells them they're "gittin' there." C.C. Capwell tells him there's something else he might be able to help them with.

T'Pol and Trip are ushered into a room that looks like big tanning booth. "Your computer core?" T'Pol asks, circling around the large console in the middle of the room. "It controls all the ship's vital functions. Environmental systems, main power -- you might say it keeps us alive," C.C. Capwell says. Yeah, you might say that about any ship's computer core; it's not novel. T'Pol looks at him sharply and says, "These are optronic relays." C.C. Capwell agrees, and tells her the system is starting to break down and could crash at any time. "I've worked on something like this -- on the Xyrillian ship," Trip says. "Then you can fix it?" C.C. Capwell asks. Trip says he can try, but he'll need some diagnostic equipment from the ship, and extends the offer to the Onesies -- Bug-Eyed in particular -- to come along and take a tour of Enterprise. Bug-Eyed bugs with delight, but C.C. Capwell answers for all of them that they'd rather not. "Oh, you've been marooned for three years, a change of scenery for an hour or two couldn't hurt," Trip presses. Why don't he and Quantum EVER take a gentle hint? They have to be beaten over the head before they stop being so pushy! "Another time," C.C. Capwell says. Trip finally lets the matter drop and says he'll be right back. T'Pol has barely left the room when Bug-Eyed appeals to Odo, asking why she can't go. "You know why," Odo tells her. Bug-Eyed wants to know what's wrong with seeing their ship and meeting their crew. "I think you've met enough of their crew already," Odo says. Bug-Eyed insists that "they're good people" who just want to help them. "I promise not to say anything," she pleads.

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